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What is Delta WASP?

By democratizing manufacturing through 3D printing, Delta WASP aims to minimize waste and reduce shipping costs. Their ultimate goal is to fabricate durable, eco-friendly clay homes at minimal cost.

WASP printers are at the forefront of innovation, earning trust across academia and industry. They are favored by prestigious institutions worldwide, including Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Staffordshire University, Columbia University, and others.

What do experts think about Delta WASP?

With WASP systems, our clients can literally print their dreams, from intricate models to full-sized, eco-friendly houses. What sets Delta WASP apart in our portfolio is their bold vision. We'd certainly recommend these products to businesses and educators looking to push boundaries. – Mohamed Eladawy, 3D Solutions Specialist at Top 3D Shop

Why buy Delta WASP?

Innovative Design: Inspired by the efficiency of nature, specifically mason wasps, Delta WASP's approach to 3D printing focuses on sustainability. Their commitment to creating printers that support clay and recycled plastics underlines a unique vision for a sustainable future in manufacturing.

Versatility in Materials: WASP printers are designed to handle a wide range of materials, from traditional filaments to clay, porcelain, and concrete. This versatility allows for a broad spectrum of applications, from detailed artistic creations to large-scale construction projects.

Cutting-edge Technology: With features like the Resurrection System, which allows for the recovery of prints after a power failure or accidental shutdown, and the Free Zeta system for seamless printing resume, WASP printers ensure high-quality prints across a variety of challenging projects.

Large-Scale Printing Capabilities: The WASP 3MT HDP features new brushless motors for quieter operation, pneumatic brakes for enhanced safety, and a chassis equipped with laminated safety glass for thermo-acoustic insulation. Its ability to print with thermoplastic and recycled plastic pellets opens up new possibilities in the production of large objects, from furniture to architectural components.

Expertise in Concrete Printing: The WASP 3MT Concrete printer is tailored for architectural applications, capable of using fiber-reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, and other cementitious mixtures. This specialization allows for the construction of complex structures and components with reduced material waste and lower costs.

Which WASP 3D Printer should I buy?

Delta WASP 2040 Series

The Delta WASP 2040 PRO is a delta 3D printer that offers precision in printing up to 40 cm, suitable for professional applications. It is equipped with a system of autocalibration and a rectified printing bed that grants the best performances. The 2040 Clay specializes in transforming clay into intricate ceramic pieces. The machine also offers the suspended Bowden system — a self-developed solution for the printing driver of delta 3D printers. It minimizes the weight on the moving parts, decreases the intertia through the hanging rubber bands, and ensures increased printing speed and quality.

The high-temperature Industrial X version comes with a heated build chamber for technical materials. It employs advanced hot and cold technology, ensuring high-quality outputs under demanding conditions. The Industrial X machine supports different extruders, in particular, the dual WASP Zen X extruder for single material with a nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, and 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm). Powered by stepper motors and nylon wheels, which run on anodized aluminum sliders, it provides minimal vibration of the print bed and high print quality. Plus, the Industrial X features a sturdy structure made of frame and cover aluminum and steel and employs metal carters that further reduce vibrations.

Each machine in the series represents a true innovation since the Industrial 4.0 line and emphasizes reliability, decent print speed, and the capacity to meet the needs of professionals, artists, and industrial users.

WASP 40100 LDM

The WASP 40100 LDM 3D printer is designed for fluid-dense ceramic materials and tackles clays, stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware with ease. The LDM WASP Extruder XL is compatible with 2, 4, 6, and 8 mm nozzles, which makes the print faster up to 150 mm/s. Furthermore, it supports an optional Wi-Fi module for remote control. The machine comes equipped with a continuous feeding system and an automated production system for really big ideas. Beyond its sleek design, the WASP 40100 offers an online course through the WASP Academy.

WASP 4070 Series

The WASP 4070 ZX model excels in printing with carbon-reinforced materials, making it ideal for advanced technical applications. For sectors requiring flexibility, such as medical and industrial uses, the 4070 FX is designed to efficiently handle TPU and Polypropylene with its efficient 2.85 mm filament diameter. On the other hand, the 4070 HDP targets large-format printing needs, utilizing thermoplastic pellets.

Each model in the series is built with a massive build volume, undeformable steel cored belts resistant to high temperature, end filament sensor for more convenient high-speed and quality printing experience with best performances.

WASP Pellet Printers

The WASP 60100 HDP and 3MT HDP printers are designed for large-scale additive manufacturing. The 60100 HDP focuses on high-quality prints from thermoplastic granules, featuring a heated bed, quiet operation, and environmental considerations like a HEPA filtration system.

The 3MT HDP, meanwhile, excels in creating substantial objects from recycled plastic pellets. Both models are equipped with innovative motor drivers and an intuitive touch display. They represent the forefront of large-format printing technology, merging size with efficiency and environmental responsibility.

WASP Architectural Printers

The WASP 3MT Concrete and Crane WASP represent groundbreaking advancements in construction. The 3MT Concrete specializes in multi-material printing for architectural projects, utilizing concrete mortars and fiber-reinforced materials to craft durable structures. The Crane WASP extends these capabilities to modular construction, enabling the efficient printing of houses and large buildings. Both machines offer scalable solutions that promise to revolutionize the building industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are supported by WASP Printers?

Delta WASP offers filaments, pellets, and ceramic materials. Their filament selection caters to a wide array of printing requirements, including specialized materials. The pellet category provides a cost-effective solution for large-scale printing projects in the form of thermoplastic and recycled pellets. In terms of ceramics, WASP provides artists and designers with porcelain and earthenware.

What software can I use with WASP printers?

Apart from Cura and Simplify3D slicing softwares, WASP systems can work with the proprietary WASP App. It's a slicing and parametric 3D modeling software specifically designed for clay printing. It allows users to create unique designs by adjusting parameters such as shape, size, and texture.

What parts and accessories are available with the WASP printers?

Delta WASP provides a variety of extruders and accessories for their printers. This includes specialized extruders like the WASP SPITFIRE X, FLEX X, and ZEN extruder with an HT or LT cartridge. Tools and replacements, such as nozzles and mechanical parts, are also available.

What is the Delta WASP's warranty policy?

Delta WASP offers a 24-month warranty for private clients and a 12-month warranty for companies. This covers defective functioning or parts listed in the warranty document, with WASP providing free repair or replacement. Read the full terms here:

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