Thor3D Calibry 3D scanners

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Thor3D Calibry 3D scanners: a wireless and portable 3D scanning experience.

Thor3D Calibry 3D scanners are a series of wireless handheld devices equipped with embedded batteries, onboard computers and screens. Designed for standalone 3D scanning, they allow for quick and easy operation.

Thor3D is a young Russian company composed of a dynamic team of engineers and mathematicians. It was 2015 when they launched the first-ever wireless portable 3D scanner. Since then, they have been continuously developing cutting-edge technologies aimed at streamlining the 3D scanning process. 

With no cables and plugged devices, patented Calibry scanners let you easily capture medium-to-large objects in total freedom. You’ll only have to hover the device around the product to see a real-time preview of your 3D scan on the built-in screen. Artists, designers, educators, medical professionals and engineers already use Thor3D scanners for a wide array of applications.

Whether you are a 3D enthusiast, a newbie or a hobbyist, Thor3D have you covered. Choose the solution that best meets your needs and start scanning.


Thor3D Calibry scanners

The first Thor3D scanner has been discontinued giving way to Drake and Calibry 3D scanners.

Drake is a 3-in-1 handheld structured light scanner with swappable lenses for high-definition small-to-large scanning. Mini, Midi and Maxi are the three lenses provided. With a different Field of View (FoV), they let you comfortably scan products of different sizes always getting high-quality results. Accurate and lightweight, you can take your Drake wherever you want. It lets you digitize almost anything even difficult-to-reach complex objects. It is compatible with the most common 3D printers. As of 2023, the Drake 3D scanners were discontinued.

Calibry is an industrial structured light 3D scanner characterized by small sizes, fast scan speed and accurate colored results. Affordable and lightweight, this point-and-scan device comes ready-to-use right out of the box. It can scan parts within a range of 20 cm to 10m. Thanks to its patented camera, it is capable of capturing thin hair, sharp edges, dark and glossy surfaces with ease. 


Software and accessories

Based on innovative 3D imaging technologies, Thor3D Calibry scanners come bundled with Thor3D Suite, which includes an embedded 3D scanning software and a desktop editing software.

The self-developed integrated software streamlines real-time image acquisition. It is capable of delivering high-resolution, full-colored 3D models in minutes. The desktop program is extremely intuitive and simple to use. It lets you edit and export digital 3D data in two different modes, Simple or Advanced. According to the mode selected, you might do operations of different complexity.

The company also provides an optional rotating table, Thor3D Turntable. It has been developed for human body 3D scanning. It rotates automatically streamlining the capturing process. You can adjust the rotation speed to your liking. Thor3D Turntable withstands up to 200kg.


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