CraftBot 3D printers

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CraftBot 3D printers: load, slice, print. Free your imagination and enjoy the CraftBot design flexibility.

CraftBot 3D printers provide quality and affordability for a user-friendly, self-managed 3D printing experience. Produced by CraftUnique, a Hungarian 3D printer manufacturer, CrafBot devices are popular in the digital manufacturing industry thanks to their extreme ease-of-use and remarkable build quality. Ready to operate right out the box, they allow printing in three simple steps: load the model > slice it > print.

These printers have been designed to give you full control over the whole 3D printing process and, thus, over the finished products. Indeed, you will have access to a variety of settings to fine-tune the printer, including heat parameters, fan speed, and more. In some cases, these settings can be adjusted even during printing.

Despite their compact size, CraftBot 3D printers have a generous build volume and are entirely made of steel and aluminum for fine movements. Their printing capacity and stable design make them perfect for home and classroom environments as well as for rapid prototyping and small scale production.

CraftBot 3D printers

The CraftBot series includes the award-winning, entry-level CraftBot Plus, the improved CraftBot XL, and the CraftBot 3. The CraftBot Plus and the XL are also available in a safer version as education packs. They are equipped with a plexiglass door and a PETG dome cover with HEPA filter.

The 2nd generation of the CraftBot PLUS has a 100-micron layer resolution and a quick heating bed which allows printing with PLA, ABS, and HIPS filaments. It is controlled via an LCD touchscreen. It won the 3D Hubs' Best Plug’n’Play printer Award both in 2017 and 2018.

The CraftBot XL is a large-scale benchtop 3D printer with a print area of 300 x 200 x 440mm. It enables printing accurate, large parts with 50-micron layer height. It comes with a detachable, heated build plate, four different nozzles of 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm and a dedicated App to remotely control the printing process. You can then comfortably start, pause and resume prints and change settings whenever you want from both iOS and Android devices. 

The CraftBot 3, or Supervisor, is a ready-to-print, upgraded version of the CraftBot 2. It employs an independent dual extruder system for printing with two different materials or colors or for producing two objects at a time. It has a filament monitoring system, a high-temperature extruder, and a heatable and removable bed. Like the CraftBot XL, it can be controlled via a mobile App.

Software and support center

CraftBot 3D printers work with the in-house CraftWare slicing software, which is free to download on the company website. It is fast and simple-to-use offering a range of advanced options to customize your printing models.

CraftUnique’s support includes online customer care and a growing user community that will help you if any issue might be encountered.

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