Sinterit Lisa Pro Set 3D printer

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Full-fledged set for high-quality SLS printing
  • High accuracy of printing and post-processing
  • Upgraded hardware and features
  • Wider material compatibility
  • Fast operation
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  • 1 Year Warranty
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This set includes:
  • Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer
  • Powder Sieve
  • Other add-ons and tools
  • Sinterit Studio Advanced software
Price $29,990.00
Lead time is 5-9 business days.

The Sinterit Lisa Pro Set is a bundle containing the Sinterit Lisa Pro SLS 3D printer and an array of accessories designed to enhance the functionality of the system and improve user experience. Apart from several helpful accessories and dedicated tools, the set includes the advanced version of the proprietary software to make the preparation of 3D models even more comprehensive.


What’s in the set

Sinterit Lisa Pro Set

  • Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer
  • Sinterit Platform
  • ATEX Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sinterit Powder Sieve
  • Dedicated Powder Tools
  • Sinterit Sandblaster XL 
  • Sinterit Studio Advanced
  • Extended Warranty +1 year
  • Sinterit Online Training 3h (with Sinterit or a distributor / reseller)


Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer

The Sinterit Lisa Pro is an SLS professional 3D printer for making industrial-quality, large-scale prints. Compared with the previous model, the machine boasts an increased build area of 110 x 160 x 250 mm and a built-in nitrogen chamber that allows you to expand the range of the used materials. Like the Sinterit Lisa, the device provides high-quality outputs in a time- and cost-effective way.


Along with the advanced version of the proprietary software, the printer supports open profiles for the Sinterit and 3d-party materials, making for an extended control over the whole process as well. The Sinterit Lisa Pro is recommended for use in medical, engineering, fashion, and prototyping areas.

a white model heart pronted on the Sinterit Lisa Pro Set

Credit: @airboat_sinterit / Instagram


Sinterit Platform

The Sinterit Platform is an adjustable structure with rubber wheels that is designed to provide ergonomic workspace by giving access to all the essential devices in the printing process. Stable and robust, the platform ensures reliability and convenience coupled with the easy transportation of the bundle’s components.

Sinterit Platform


ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

The Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner will be of great use when having to clean and collect unsintered powder. The device has a compact size yet rather a large capacity of 12 liters, which makes it extremely convenient. Thus, powder cleaning and recovery become easy, fast, and highly effective.

ATEX Vacuum Cleaner


Sinterit Powder Sieve

The set includes a sifting station for used SLS powder, ensuring reuse and hence great savings of the material. The device filters out contaminants and removes lumps and impurities — all you need to do is press the button and wait 18 minutes for the material to be ready for being mixed with fresh powder and subsequently re-used for producing new objects.


Dedicated Powder Tools

This essential toolkit is meant to make working with SLS powders simpler, cleaner, and safer. The set includes tools and accessories associated with personal protection, powder management, and post-processing. It includes a variety of spatulas and brushes, a scoop, measuring cup, trowel, IO box, foldable tray, funnel, binder, a service kit, and other tools, as well as protective glasses, gloves, a mask, and even a T-shirt.



Sinterit Sandblaster XL

An upgraded and enlarged version of the Sinterit Sandblaster, the XL iteration boasts a working area of 675 x 450 x 415 mm, LED-illuminated camera, and two working modes — it is possible to use a handheld blaster or a fixed nozzle. With dry abrasive material, you can clean small lines and gaps and polish the surface, adjusting the airflow with a pedal to manipulate the object freely with both hands. Thanks to the five ceramic nozzles of different diameter, the device supports a wide range of abrasives. All that makes it a perfect device for post-processing SLS prints.

Sinterit Sandblaster XL


Sinterit Studio Advanced

The Lisa Pro Set includes an advanced version of the well-proven, easy-to-use proprietary slicing software Sinterit Studio. Aside from an array of smart features such as auto nesting and collision detection, it offers some great new functions like warmup and cooldown modification, laser power/movement and geometry adjustment, and skeletons (enhancing fine details). In addition to the open printing parameters, the program comes with the pre-defined profiles for all the available Sinterit materials.

Sinterit Studio Advanced



Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer




Wi-Fi, USB cable


7 inches, LCD

Laser Class

1 (IR LED 5 [W], class 5)

Max heated bed temperature

392 °F (200 °C)

Operating systems

Windows, macOS, Linux

Outer dimensions

690 x 500 x 880 mm

Printable materials

Powder PA12, PA11, TPU material


Sinterit Studio


90 kg

Build volume

150 x 200 x 260 mm

Min layer thickness

75 μm

Sinterit Platform


550 x 740 mm

2 leg heights

240 / 440 mm


25 kg

Max. load capacity

100 kg


50 mm rubber wheels with brakes


Powder-coated steel

ATEX Vacuum Cleaner


440 x 420 x 780 mm


25 kg


1.1 kW


230 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 110 V AC 50/60 Hz

Noise level (EN ISO 3744)

77 dB(A)

Max. air flow (rate)

215 m³/h

Suction inlet

50 mm

Filter type

Star, M class filtration

Capacity of the collection unit

40 L

ATEX zones

Z22 or INTERTEK certification

Sinterit Powder Sieve



Working time

18 min


600 x 340 x 330 mm


22.5 kg

Maximum capacity

5 L

Power Supply

12 V / 2 A

Maximum power consumption


Sinterit Sandblaster XL


760 x 500 x 720 mm


27 kg

Working pressure

5.0–8.6 bar (72.5–125.0 psi)

Working area

675 x 450 x 415 mm

Max. abrasive material capacity

10 kg

Illumination power


Compatible with

ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

Sinterit Studio


Windows 7+ (64-bit Edition)


2 GB or more

Hard disk

1 GB or more


Compatible with OpenGL 3.0 or higher



The price of the Sinterit Lisa Pro set is $29,990.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality, smart features, and efficient tools.

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