Phrozen Transform FAST Resin 3D printer

Available on backorder
An upgraded version of the Transform 4K
  • Sizeable print area: 292 x 165 x 400 mm
  • 3x higher speed
  • Interchangeable LCD panels
  • Fast LCD adaptor
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  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required to operate the printer
  • 13.3-inch large-format panel
  • Optional dual 5.5-inch high-res panel
  • All the necessary tools
Price: $3,169.00
Shipped from China. Lead time is 6-8 weeks.

The Phrozen Transform Fast 4K is an LCD-based MSLA 3D printer. It is an improved version of the standard Transform. Made of aluminum alloy, it shares similar features with its predecessor both in terms of hardware and software. The fast edition prints at a higher speed, being up to 3 times faster than the Phrozen Transform 4K. It is engineered with a 40-cm tall Z-axis system with dual linear rails and ball screws. It allows printing large parts with a massive build volume of 292 x 165 x 400mm. It comes with a 13.3-inch mono-LCD panel that can be easily replaced with two optional 5.5-inch screens.

The Phrozen Transform Fast adopts the proprietary ParaLED optical engine. This self-made system has been designed to grant a build platform exposure as uniform as possible. That’s why it features parallel light bulbs capable of covering up to 95% of the print surface. A better light exposure results in faster layer cure time and higher definition. The 405nm UV LEDs and the open-material system allows printing with UV resins from any brand.

Using the large 13.3-inch screen, you can produce big parts in one go. The dual-panel enables high-resolution resin 3D printing of two different objects at a time. In that case, the maximum print area is 120 x 68 x 400 mm. Swapping from an LCD type to another is quick and simple thanks to the self-developed LCD adaptor. It lets you replace the panels in 30 seconds.

The Phrozen Transform 4K high-speed edition can be used for a variety of applications in digital dentistry, jewelry design, prototyping, and more. Read our Transform Fast review to find out more.

One user 3D printed this high-resolution Oni mask. It shows clean surfaces and crisp details.

Credit: @unclejessy4real / Instagram

Neat edges and capillary details characterize this figure from Rick and Morty.

Credit: @buzzsaw_studio / Instagram



  • Print quality
  • Materials
  • Build volume
  • Printer controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Print quality

The Phrozen Transform Fast 4K is a high-definition large resin 3D printer that can print layers at 76 microns. It is capable of producing smooth parts with a great level of detail. When equipped with the dual panel, it can produce models with a higher XY resolution of 47 microns. This makes for greater definition and outstanding accuracy.

Look at this Chimera sculpt to get a better idea.

Credit: @kmr3dprinting / Instagram

The dual Z-axis system makes the printer sturdy and stable, reducing vibrations. In this way, it enhances the final print quality.

Credit: @volttherobot / Instagram

The proprietary ParaLED relies on a UV LED array that covers almost the same area as the LCD screen. It has been designed to emit the light as parallel as possible for efficient and precise exposure.

The monochrome LCD screen increases the printer’s reliability.



Thanks to its open resin system, the Phrozen Transform Fast 4K can process any type of 405nm resin. 

It features a multi-fan cooling system for better printing results and a carbon-activated air filtration system.

Phrozen 3D supplies proprietary resins targeted to multiple applications. Rock-Black Stiff Resin, Castable Resin, Nylon-Green Tough Resin, Semi-Clear Resin, and Phrozen TR250 are just some of them.  


Build volume

Credit: @buzzsaw_studio / Instagram

The Phrozen Transform has a build volume of 11.5 x 6.5 x 15.75 inches (292 x 165 x 400 mm). It allows printing large-sized resin parts in one piece. When switching to the dual-panel, the single print area turns into 4.97 x 2.68 x 15.75 inches (120 x 68 x 400 mm). It is ideal for printing high-res small objects.

Credit: @volttherobot / Instagram


Printer controls

The integrated 5-inch touch screen lets you comfortably operate the machine.

Credit: @buzzsaw_studio / Instagram

The Phrozen Transport Fast supports wireless 3D printing via USB, LAN or over Wi-Fi.

The printer works with the Phrozen OS 1.0 operating system and includes ChiTu Box.


What’s in the box

  • Phrozen Transform Fast 4K LCD 3D Printer
  • 13.3 inches panel
  • Optional dual 5.5 inches panel
  • Black Power Cable
  • Gloves
  • Wiper/Scraper
  • Funnel

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The Phrozen Transform Fast 4K MSLA 3D printer is available with a dark gray aluminum-alloy case. Its stylish look makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including rapid prototyping, jewelry, digital dentistry, and miniature design.

The printer sizes are 15.16 x 14.02 x 24.29 inches (385 x 356 x 617 mm). It weighs 60,63 lb (27.5 kg).



The price of the Phrozen Transform Fast 4K is $3,169.00, which is reasonable considering its fast print speed, versatility, and massive build volume.



Phrozen offers a one-year warranty for all our products except consumables and components, which include paraLED, LCD screen, FEP film and the building platform. All LCD screens for the Sonic Mini, Sonic Mini 4K, and Sonic 4K are sold with a 3-month warranty.

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