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Anycubic 3D printers: shape and color to your ideas. 

Creating high-quality 3D models and saving money is now possible with Anycubic 3D printers. The Chinese company produces DLP and FDM printers with innovative features, offering different kind of printing possibilities that meet either professional and daily needs. Their main aim is having everyone on board providing unbeatable prices. Indeed, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their unusual combination of price and quality.

The Shenzen-based brand is well-known in the 3D printing universe thanks to its award-winning products, such as the Anycubic i3 Mega, the Photon, and the Kossel Delta. We are talking about low-cost printers with a quality comparable to that of more expensive devices. Anycubic machines can make all your ideas real dragging a high-level of accuracy and versatility. The company produces 3D printer accessories and 3D printing filaments too.

Anycubic 3D models

The DLP Photon and the FDM i3 Mega are Anycubic jewels in the crown. They provide topflight results perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with resin or filament 3D printing without emptying their wallet.

The Photon is one of the most economic desktop resin 3D printers available for sale. It is really attractive thanks to its remarkable and compact design. It is able to produce 3D models which look layerless. It comes almost fully assembled and it is extremely easy to set up and level. It prints with a great resolution of 25-100 microns within a build volume of 115x65x155mm providing. For this reason, it provides highly detailed outputs. The printer shows a 2k resolution LCD screen and an in-built slicer software. While unboxing it, you will find a pen drive with pre-sliced print-ready 3D files. Still, it is cheap and is a real breakthrough in the DLP sector. If you are searching a performance resin 3D machine, easy-to-use and reliable, Photon printer is your best budget choice.

Over the years, Anycubic has also produced a variety of FDM printers, such as the i3 mega - and its Mega-S upgrade -, the 4max Pro, the Anycubic Large Size Chiron, the Predator, and the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, an upgrade of the most known Kossel Delta printer.

Kossel Linear Plus, Predator and Large Size Chiron are the brand super-sized choices still remaining desktop devices. The Kossel Linear Plus has a round heated plate of Φ230 x 300mm, the Large Size Chiron has a build volume of 400x400x450 and power loss protection, while the Predator boast one of the largest print areas available on the market with its 370x370x455mm. The latter show a top-notch durable Ultrabase Pro print bed with superior adhesion, fast heating and easy removal. Their print results are perfectly in line with company top quality standards.

The i3 mega kit and its upgrade, the pre-assembled Mega-S, deserve a special review. Both provides a great print quality and high compatibility with a lot of filaments at a really low cost. The worth-knowing similar specs of the two surely are the rugged design made of an all-metal alloy, a print area of 210x210x255mm, Ultrabase heated platform and a full-color touchscreen. The upgrades of the Mega-S are the auto-resume feature in case of power outage, the filament detection sensor, and the redesigned extruder that works better with TPU and others flexible materials. The recommended slicer for the i3 series is the Cura one.

Choosing Anycubic 3D products ensures great results at a great price for both beginners and more experienced printers.

360 degree support

Anycubic constantly releases detailed guides, manuals, video tutorials, drivers, firmware, software, and others resources that are always available on its website. This means that you can find almost anything you might need to enter the Anycubic 3D printing world directly online. It also provides you with its own slicer which comes with pre-defined resolution and print settings. Still, Anycubic detailed assembly and cleaning instructions are a great point in its favour.  You can also count on an active, helpful community ready to support you at any time.

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