BCN3D: The industrial-grade 3D printers you are looking for: versatile, easy-to-use, and by your side.

The Barcelona-based BCN3D company is one of the most renowned brands of desktop 3D printers. Starting from 2012, BCN3D has been changing the 3D printing world thanks to its innovative products tailored to the customers.

Their goal? Renewing the traditional manufacturing standards. They do this by introducing some great features and functionalities, such as multi-material and multi-color printing, large-scale printing, complex shapes with soluble supports and smooth finish, just to name a few.

BCN3D 3D printers will make you look at the world of 3D printing with different eyes. These revolutionary printers ensure industrial-grade results, with low effort thanks to their short learning curve. Both professionals and newbies can get the best from them improving productivity.

BCN3D revolutionary technology

The innovative Independent Dual Extruder system allows printing multi-material components and soluble supports either in duplication mode and in mirror mode. Indeed, the toolheads of the printers can work separately and simultaneously to print the same model or symmetrical parts of it doubling the printing volume.

The BCN3D innovative standards with the renewed extrusion system and hotends speed up the printing process ensuring high-quality smooth results and increasing the success printing rate, whatever the filaments. The engineering redesign led by e3D and Bondtech ensures smoothness and reliability.

3D printers suited to any need

BCN3D provides two different 3D printing solutions: Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19, delivered to your home in just 24 hours. 

Sigma R19, the refined version of the original Sigma R17, is a desktop 3D printer, easy-to-use and extremely practical. Thanks to its accurate and reliable components, you can easily print high-resolution products.

Sigmax R19 is the company’s professional solution, which includes all the features already available with the Sigma model and some extras. Sigmax 3D printer helps you go beyond size limits thanks to its massive build volume. Indeed, you can comfortably print larger-scale parts within a printing format of 420x297x210mm, that is one of the largest on the market. You will no longer need to scale down or divide models to get them printed.

BCN3D website also includes a free download section offering an open source 3D printing software – BCN3D Cura. Intuitive and efficient, the slicer is optimized for both,Sigma and Sigmax. It has pre-set printing profiles, many cool features such as print time and material usage optimization, layer by layer view of the model, not to mention 200+ parameters for you to experiment with. 

Beyond that, BCN3D hosts a dedicated GitHub repository, providing detailed documentation on 5 key areas of its product – mechanics, electronics, firmware, software, and process engineering. If you’re the tinkering kind, you will love learning more about why certain engineering and design decisions have been made.

Get your sample

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