AESUB Blue Scanning Spray 400ml

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Universal vanishing scanning spray
  • Short sublimation time
  • Thin homogeneous coating
  • Pigment-free
  • Optimized material compatibility
  • Speeds up scanning process
  • No post-cleaning needed
  • Excellent scannability
  • Compatible with reference points
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Spray Specs
  • Sublimation time: 4 hours
  • Color: White
  • Layer thickness: 8–15 microns
  • Volume: 400 ml
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

The AESUB company offers a line-up of scanning sprays that greatly add to the efficiency of the 3D scanning process. Most 3D scanners have problems capturing challenging surfaces, such as reflective, transparent, or dark-colored objects. In such cases using mattifying spray is the best solution. All AESUB sprays are free of TiO₂ which is a common additive for such products but can be potentially harmful to health.

The AESUB Blue is a vanishing type of scanning spray which means it does not require any cleaning or wiping when scanning is over. The spray is applied to the surface to be scanned from a 15–20 cm distance in even, back and force strokes. On applying, the spray forms a white, matte coating that significantly improves scan quality and reduces scanning time. Within a few hours the coating vanishes, leaving no residue and eliminating the need for tedious clean-up. The average sublimation time is 4 hours but it can be reduced due to higher ambient temperature or proper ventilation. It may also vary depending on the surface material and structure and the thickness of the layer applied.

The AESUB Blue does not contain pigments which allows it to be used anywhere without the risk of contaminating the scanning area and equipment. Another advantage of using the spray is the possibility to stick reference markers on the coating. The application range of the AESUB Blue scanning spray is extremely wide, including metrology, reverse engineering, or surface inspection in numerous industries, such as automotive, aerospace, architecture, art and design, and a lot more. The spray is best suited for 3D scanning of small to medium objects.

AESUB Blue Scanning Spray

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