AESUB Transparent Scanning Spray 400ml

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Transparent vanishing scanning spray
  • Short sublimation time
  • Transparent coating allowing for color capturing
  • Pigment-free
  • Wide application range
  • Greatly improves scanning results and speed
  • Fast and easy application
  • Post-cleaning is not required
  • Markers stick to the coating
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Spray Specs
  • Sublimation time: 4 hours
  • Color: Transparent
  • Layer thickness: 15–20 microns
  • Volume: 400 ml
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The AESUB Transparent is a vanishing scanning spray designed by the AESUB company to facilitate 3D scanning of glossy surfaces. Like all the other AESUB products, the AESUB Transparent does not contain titanium dioxide, potentially hazardous for human health.

The AESUB Transparent is used to create a thin layer of matte coating on the surface thus making 3D scanning of glossy, reflective, or transparent objects much more accurate and fast. Furthermore, the transparent coating not only allows digitizing the object’s geometry, but also ensures texture capturing for full-color 3D scanning. Due to the transparency of the matte layer, the spray can also be used in photogrammetry, film, and photography. The average sublimation time of the coating is 4 hours, depending on the environmental conditions and the object surface material, which provides 1–2 hours of scanning time. This makes the AESUB Transparent best suitable for scanning small to medium-sized objects. After that, the coating vanishes, leaving no residue, without any post-cleaning required. This becomes a great advantage when working with fragile objects, such as art heritage items.

The application sample of the AESUB Transparent scanning spray.

Results of scanning the model with a reflective surface (left): without scanning spray (in the middle) and after applying a layer of the AESUB Transparent (right)

Since the AESUB Transparent spray contains no pigments, there is no risk of contaminating the sensitive scanning equipment and the environment. So, there is no need to transport the object to be scanned to a separate location to apply the spray, everything can be done in one place, reducing the overall time. In case of using markers, they can easily be applied to the coating, sticking securely to it.

A can of the AESUB Transparent scanning spray.

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