Apex-maker X1 3D Printer

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One of the most cost-effective large-scale LCD 3D printers
  • 6X faster than counterparts
  • Ultra-high 46 µm precision
  • Reliable construction
  • Powerful and easy-to-use
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required for operation
  • Set of necessary tools
  • Bonus FEP release film
  • USB flash drive
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The Apex-maker X1 is a high-resolution industrial-grade LCD resin 3D printer aimed at outstanding detailing of the printed models, impressive build speed, increased cost efficiency, stable operation, and user-friendly approach. To achieve these purposes, the machine is equipped with the world’s first 16" 8K mono LCD screen with a powerful light source, precise and reliable kinematics, and capacious build volume providing the user with greater creative freedom and significantly accelerating the printing process.

Among its smart features, the Apex-maker X1 offers intuitive controls, compatibility with an advanced slicing software with a number of handy tools, factory pre-calibrated build platform for easy operation, built-in HD camera for remote monitoring, integrated air purification system for a pleasant and safe working environment, power loss recovery feature, and status indicator light bar. The open material system of the printer allows using an ample range of consumables with different properties to achieve the desired results.

Due to its ability to produce top-quality detailed models in a fast, convenient, and cost-efficient way, the Apex-maker X1 serves as a great tool for personal and professional use in various spheres, including modeling, prototyping, dentistry, jewelry, low-volume manufacturing, etc.

Credit: @morgensternprinting / Instagram

Credit: @morgensternprinting / Instagram


Print quality

The Apex-maker X1 is equipped with an industrial-grade 16-inch 8K monochrome LCD screen with 7680 x 4320 resolution. Featuring 46 x 46 micron pixel size, it can achieve impressive accuracy and detail from every line and layer, ensuring fewer jagged edges and less deformations in each print run.

A stable movement system with a closed-loop motor ensures reliable motion control, making for perfect prints with regular print speeds of 30–80 mm/h, which can go as high as 180 mm/h. Dual linear guides help produce precise layers with 0.01 to 0.3 mm heights.

Boasting 6X faster printing due to high-speed data transmission enabled by Chitubox’s latest control scheme, the Apex-maker X1 cuts time on any project. Engineered with high LCD transmittance, it cures prints much faster. Plus, a high-energy light source module delivers 10mW/cm², ramping up production speed while reaching remarkable levels of quality.

To provide smooth and hassle-free user experience without the need of manual leveling, the Apex-maker X1 is supplied with a pre-calibrated build plate producing flawless prints from the start.

Another handy feature is an intelligent resin control implying automatic feeding throughout a printing session. Keeping a steady flow from start to finish, this function maintains accuracy and overall print quality. In addition, it constantly monitors the temperature of the resin vat to keep it from cooling down or heating up, and lets one heat the tank up to 60 °С to take on a variety of projects.



The Apex-maker X1 boasts universal material compatibility. It can reliably print in various types of consumables, including 20+ high-performance 405nm UV-curable resins, with outstanding size accuracy, surface quality, and low deformation rate. This is particularly great for making highly detailed miniatures, just like the one below.


Build volume

The Apex-maker X1 LCD 3D printer offers a massive build area of 13.9 x 7.8 x 15.7 inches (353.28 x 198.72 x 400 mm) that lets you produce a wide variety of medium-to-large sized smooth prints without the need of splitting them into several parts.


Printer controls and software

The Apex-maker X1 3D printer features a responsive 7" color touchscreen with a clear menu structure and user-friendly interface that ensures better control over your projects. Data input is performed via USB and Wi-Fi.

The printer is equipped with a high-resolution HD camera that provides access to the mobile app where you can remotely monitor the whole printing process. Thus, you can always make sure that everything goes according to plan.

The Apex-maker X1 can interact with the major file formats and is fully compatible with Chitubox — 3D data preparation software optimized to work with SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printers. The slicer is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition, the device comes with a free 1-year Chitubox VIP access providing even more useful features, such as smart auto support algorithms, a set of powerful and easy-to-use model repair tools, enhanced island detection, and more. Also, the printer smoothly works with LycheeSlicer.


What’s in the box

  • Apex-maker X1 3D printer
  • Power cord
  • Stainless steel build plate
  • Star knob x2
  • Feeding kit
  • TSP release film
  • FEP release film x2 (bonus)
  • Pair of gloves x2
  • Resin drip tray x5
  • Hex key x4
  • Spatula
  • Metal scraper
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Resin tubing connectors
  • Spare M4 screw x8
  • Wi-Fi camera kit
  • USB drive

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Apart from the basic set, there is a Wash & Cure kit option available, including the dedicated post-processing stations. Check out the official demo videos to get a closer look at how these devices streamline the 3D printing process with the Apex-maker X1:

Washing station specifications:

Dimensions: 430 x 440 x 570 mm
Max. model size: 400 x 380 x 280 mm
Volume: 50L
Rated power: 50W

Curing station specifications:

Dimensions: 395 x 395 x 547 mm
Max. model size: 350 x 350 x 400 mm
LED wavelength: 405nm
Heating power: 90W
Curing power: 130W
Total power: 220W


Look and feel

The Apex-maker X1 features a black base and a convenient flip door with a transparent orange window. Thanks to the integrated indicator light bar, the printer status is always clear. 

Its stylish look and ergonomic design makes the Apex-maker X1 ideal for both professional and personal applications. The printer dimensions are 21.6 x 17.3 x 34 in (548 x 440 x 862 mm). It weighs approximately 98 lb (44.5 kg).



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