Apium M220 3D Printer

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FDM 3D printer for PEEK printing of medical devices and implants
  • Sterile printing environment
  • Powerful extruder with high feeding force
  • High-temp printing up to 540 °C
  • Printing with biocompatible medical PEEK filament
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This 3D printer comes with:
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  • All the necessary cables
  • All the necessary tools
  • Biocompatibility certificates
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The Apium M220 is a high-temperature FDM 3D printer designed specifically for the medical industry. The machine meets all the requirements for printing patient-specific biocompatible implants and medical appliances.

One of the most important M220 features is the hot-air filter system ensuring a sterile printing environment essential for medical device manufacturing. Apart from that, all the printer’s components that come into contact with the material being printed are made of medically compatible PEEK, titanium, 316L steel, or PTFE. The high-performance extruder provides consistent material flow for precise printing. 

With an integrated camera system, temperature recording, and servomotors, the printing process is constantly monitored and autonomously adjusted by the printer in case of any deviations. All important printing parameters are saved as a PDF protocol.

Below you can see a Cheekbone implant printed with PEEK.

a white model printed on the Apium M220 3D Printer


Print quality

The Apium M220 can print layers with a minimum height of 50 microns. The maximum nozzle temperature of 540 °C and hot-air filter system that can heat up to 280 °C and adapt the heating power, ensure optimal printing conditions for creating biocompatible patient-specific implants and medical devices from high-temperature PEEK filament.

a print quality on the Apium M220 3D Printer

a models printed on the Apium M220 3D Printer



Together with the Evonik company, Apium has developed the medical-grade PEEK filament based on VESTAKEEP® i4 G, a high-viscous polymer from Evonik. The medical PEEK is biocompatible, biostable, and x-ray transparent, which makes it an ideal material for medical devices and implants. Among other advantages of medical 3D printing are cost-effectiveness and greatly reduced production time, as well as the ability to create highly customized models of any complexity that would have been impossible to make using other methods.

a materials on the Apium M220 3D Printer


Build volume

The M220 build volume of 130 x 130 x 120 mm is perfectly suitable for printing implants and medical appliances.

a build volume on the Apium M220 3D Printer


Printer controls and software

The M220 is equipped with a built-in LCD touchscreen with integrated control software. The user can adjust printing parameters, manage print jobs, or check the printer status. There are service and maintenance functions as well.

Apium web interface allows for remote control of the machine via Ethernet. The user can visualize models in the 3D viewer, arrange the printing queue, or check the printer status.

a software on the Apium M220 3D Printer


What’s in the box

Apium M220 3D Printer kit

  • Apium M220 3D printer
  • Tool set
  • All the necessary cables
  • User guide

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Look and feel

The Apium M220 3D printer is available in white with red trimmings. Its compact design makes it ideal for any hospital, clinic, or medical lab.

Apium M220 3D Printer

The machine dimensions are 33.5 x 27 x 26.6 in (850 x 685 x 675 mm). It weighs approximately 147.7 lb (67 kg).



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