BlueCast X10 Customizer – Softenizer 50g

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Special additive for BlueCast X10 LCD/DLP resin
  • Enhanced prints features
  • Advanced flexibility
  • Consistent quality
  • No post-processing required
  • Can modify resin properties
  • Improved printing experience
  • Local U.S. Support
  • FREE Delivery over $100
We Accept Purchase Orders From All Educational Institutions and Eligible Business Customers
Material Specs
  • Bottle weight: 50 g
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

The is a castable 3D printing resin designed with advanced castability, dimensional stability, and build platform adhesion. The resin ensures excellent casting of small engravings for various jewelry and dental projects. In terms of physical qualities, it mostly resembles wax, provides minimal shrinkage, smooth surface, and great accuracy.

Due to the specially developed Customizer additives, you can further improve the properties of the printed products according to your purposes. All you need to do is to add a bottle of the desired Customizer to an X10 LCD/DLP resin bottle. This will guarantee a perfect result.

There are three types of Customizer available:

  • : ensures an extreme level of detail and sharper edges, reduces the Z bleeding, and is strongly suggested for classic jewelry projects;
  • Softenizer: improves detailing and enables resin flexibility for the stone settings;
  • : facilitates making extreme filigrees, improves accuracy and resin stiffness, suggested for dental applications, for example, dental frames.

BlueCast X10 Customizer – Softenizer 50g

The BlueCast X10 Customizer — Softenizer is sold in 50 g bottles for safe and convenient transportation.

BlueCast X10 Customizer – Softenizer 50g

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