Creality CR-Scan Raptor 3D Scanner

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High-speed hybrid 3D scanner for any environment
  • Flexible object capture range
  • Reliable accuracy up to 0.02 mm
  • Anti-shaking technology
  • 24-bit full-color scanning
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This 3D scanner comes with:
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  • All the necessary cables
  • Calibration board and markers
  • Scanning software
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The CR-Scan Raptor is a metrology-grade hybrid 3D scanner from Creality. Being the world’s first multiple-line blue laser consumer 3D scanner, it integrates an innovative combination of blue laser and infrared light sources with supplemental lighting for a wider range of applications. This allows one to efficiently scan in various environments and capture small, medium, and large objects with equal precision and level of detail, which can meet the needs of diverse industrial 3D scanning scenarios.

Blue Laser scanning mode featured by the Raptor model implies metrology-grade accuracy up to 0.02 mm, which is great for capturing fine details. Meanwhile, NIR (infrared structured light) mode enables markerless scanning due to speckle matching 3D imaging. Thus, no markers are needed for feature-rich workpieces that can be scanned quickly and directly.

Equipped with additional dual-color circular LED texture lights, the CR-Scan Raptor stands out for its high versatility and adaptability. Using blue and white supplemental lights, the device can help achieve more realistic scanning results regardless of one’s working environment.

Providing a flexible scanning distance, intuitive interface, smart anti-shaking and temperature compensation algorithms, full-color and spray-free scanning, the CR-Scan Raptor is a powerful yet easy to use 3D scanner with a quick setup and simple one-hand controls. The ergonomic lightweight design and thoughtful package with a new-generation calibration board ensure comfortable device management. Combining impressive scan quality and accessibility, the Raptor is well suited to the needs of both new and seasoned users.

With an impressive range of capabilities and smart features, the CR-Scan Raptor will be an essential part of a scanning workflow for a variety of personal and professional applications. The device allows one to scan a multitude of objects, from miniatures and mechanical parts to artifacts and full-size cars. It can serve as a cost-effective 3D digitization solution for use in many areas, such as: 

  • Metrology-grade inspection
  • Reverse engineering
  • Car customization
  • Mold manufacturing
  • AR/VR development
  • Art and design
  • Archeology
  • Scientific research 
  • Healthcare
  • Education

To assess the capabilities of the CR-Scan Raptor 3D scanner from Creality, take a look at this remarkable render captured by the device. The part was scanned in laser mode with a resolution of 0.08 mm. The author also claims that no other software was used for processing.

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  • Scan accuracy
  • Scan volume
  • Scanner controls
  • Software
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

The CR-Scan Raptor boasts a high-performance structure with a Ø20 mm large DoF lens, low distortion lens <5‰, 9-elements glass lens as well as metal lens barrel and holder. This allows for metrology-grade accuracy up to 0.02 mm at the high speed of 60 FPS (for Blue Light mode) or 20 FPS (NIR mode). 

With its 7 parallel blue laser lines for fine details with a single laser line as fine as 0.1 mm, the device is capable of obtaining sharper and clear point cloud edges. In addition, the CR-Scan Raptor is engineered with good stability in high and low temperatures, which makes for reliable measurement scanning results in any environment.

Due to 12 circular LED texture lights, the CR-Scan Raptor is great for 24-bit full-color scanning. This design feature allows the device to enhance the brightness of color mapping in dark environments and present the true color of objects.

Another pleasant feature of the Raptor model is its ability to scan black and metal objects without special sprays. Thus, one can easily scan cars, car parts, tires, and other black or metal objects to get the desired model effect.


As for human scanning, the CR-Scan Raptor comes with the unique Face & Body algorithm that involves advanced mapping. Thanks to this improvement, the device captures more details, while a whole human body scan only takes 2 minutes.

Equipped with innovative One-Shot 3D imaging technology, the CR-Scan Raptor is naturally stabilized and less likely to lose tracking. High backtracking speed ensures smoother handheld scanning.

Last but not least, the Raptor model features a high-precision glass calibration board for smooth and effective accuracy calibration.


Scan volume

The CR-Scan Raptor covers both near and far distance scanning. Combining line lasers with infrared structured light, the device is able to scan objects ranging in size from 5 x 5 x 5 to 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm³, with the working distance standing at 150–400 mm for Blue Light mode and 170–1000 mm for NIR mode.

With Raptor, one can effortlessly scan small figurines, bolts, faces, human bodies, automobile components, and more with a constant level of precision and detail.


Scanner controls

The CR-Scan Raptor 3D scanner offers comfortable and straightforward operation with its clear button interface for one-hand control. To begin using the scanner, just plug it in using the cable that is supplied with the device, open scanning software on your computer, and start the process.

For further user convenience, the CR-Scan Raptor is equipped with a light indicator that provides real-time scanning status feedback, anti-slip sleeve, and detachable lanyard. Combined with its lightweight and portable design, these features ensure smooth scanning and effectively reduce long-term work fatigue.



The CR-Scan Raptor comes with proprietary software featuring a clear user interface with easy controls. Data input can be performed via TypeC and USB3.0. In terms of output, the scanner supports the most common file formats, such as PLY, OBJ, and STL. 


Look and feel

The CR-Scan Raptor 3D scanner is available in gray with black trimmings. Its stylish look and compact design make it ideal for a wide range of personal and professional applications.

The scanner dimensions are 8.5 x 2 x 2.9 in (215 x 50 x 74 mm). It weighs only 0.8 lb (372 g).



The price for the CR-Scan Raptor 3D scanner is $1,495.00, which is reasonable considering its innovative technology, rich functionality, and high performance.

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