DOBOT Magician E6 Collaborative Robot

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Desktop collaborative robot for education and research
  • Rapid deployment
  • Flexible control options
  • User-friendly operation
  • Advanced safety algorithms
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The DOBOT Magician E6 is a desktop 6-axis collaborative robot that is primarily designed for immersive educational and research experience. With advanced safety technologies, plug-and-play capability, and high portability, the Magician E6 not only saves on setup time but also simplifies robot programming instruction, simulation training, and algorithm exploration for students of various levels.

Being a compact educational cobot, the Magician E6 possesses a yet decent reach coupled with a payload sufficient for the majority of precise lightweight tasks. Alongside good speed and repeatability, the machine provides support for different programming methods as well as intuitive and quick-to-learn control options, such as graphical programming interface and drag teaching, making it ideal both for beginners and experienced users looking for advanced automation challenges.

The DOBOT Magician E6 collaborative robot offers a lightweight, compact and flexible design, high precision, user-friendly operation, multiple interfaces for secondary development, industrial add-ons, and course materials on robotics education, which makes it an ideal platform to explore AI, smart manufacturing, and other fields of study.


Processing quality

The DOBOT Magician E6 possesses high reliability coupled with decent accuracy. It features 6 axes and is able to repeat the same movement within ±0.1 mm at a maximum speed of 0.5 m/s. In combination with 750 g payload, this lets the robot perform an ample range of lightweight precision tasks with ease.



Thanks to its smart functionality and thoughtful design, the DOBOT Magician E6 can adapt to a variety of educational and scientific operations in the field of robotics. Due to its rapid deployment, compact dimensions, and secondary development interfaces, the cobot can accurately simulate different automation scenarios to provide immersive learning and research experiences. 

To expand the machine’s capabilities, it is recommended to use the DOBOT General-Purpose Practical Training Bench as well as numerous industrial accessories to easily simulate teaching for tasks like grabbing, handling, palletizing, and assembly.

With the optional DOBOT Vision Kit, students can practice precise positioning and grasping for intricate tasks in training.


Working range

The DOBOT Magician E6 possesses a working radius of up to 450 mm in combination with a compact and lightweight joint body. Its portable and ergonomic design with an integrated control box pairs effortlessly with G-type clamps enabling  flexible and straightforward deployment without the need to alter layout of a designated area.

To ensure complete safety around the machine, the DOBOT Magician E6 is equipped with intelligent sensors featuring enhanced collision detection capabilities. In case of impact, the robot’s operation stops immediately.


Robot controls and software

The DOBOT Magician E6 features an all-in-one compact design that integrates the control box and removes the need for additional wiring. Thanks to TCP/IP and Modbus TCP support, the robot is capable of smooth integration into an existing production process. It can be easily manipulated via a full range of operating terminals, including PCs and tablets.

Due to the intuitive graphical programming interface and simple scripting, the DOBOT Magician E6 allows users to easily set up and adjust operations from any connected device, with no prior programming experience required. Furthermore, the machine supports other methods to create customized tasks, such as ROS, Matlab, Python, C++, etc.

Enhanced with AI, advanced sensing and patented trajectory replay technologies, the Magician E6 is capable of self-learning. With an intuitive interactive panel at the arm’s end that enables easy demonstration by dragging and swift creation of automation scenarios, the operator of any skill level can teach the cobot necessary functions.


Look and feel

The DOBOT Magician E6 is available in white with black trimmings. Engineered with a dual-ring indicator light, the machine clearly communicates its operational status at a glance. With a streamlined, stylish, and futuristic look, the Magician E6 will decorate any educational establishment, workshop, lab, etc.

The device offers a durable yet lightweight aluminum construction and flexible design enabling it to be effectively installed on a desk. It weighs approximately 15.9 lb (7.2 kg).



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