DOBOT Magician Go Mobile Platform

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Smart mobile platform for the Magician Lite robotic arm
  • Smooth, feature-rich control
  • Omni-directional movement
  • Multiple autonomous scenarios
  • Advanced educational functionality
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This robot comes with:
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • AI camera kit
  • Joystick kit
  • Accessory kit
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The DOBOT Magician Go is a mobile platform designed for immersive educational experience in robotics. Featuring a full compatibility with the manufacturer’s kid-friendly robot, it opens up new opportunities for the robotic arm in terms of its mobility.

Boasting compact dimensions and lightweight design, the Magician Go represents an ergonomic device with rapid deployment and precise movement capabilities able to effectively perform various automation tasks in confined spaces. Thanks to two AI-powered cameras, located at the front of the chassis and attached to the tip of the robotic arm, smart map navigation technology, several control modes, and rich accessory options, the mobile platform is able to cover even more creative application scenarios. Plus, it does not require previous programming skills and will fit users of all levels.

Due to its versatility, usability, and safety, the Magician Go is perfect for school and home application. The implementation of the DOBOT Magician Go paired with the Magician Lite robotic arm allows educational institutions to optimize and improve the quality of the learning environment and the provision of robot education through a better understanding of different operational algorithms.


Key features

Equipped with mecanum wheels, the Magician Go mobile platform boasts multi-directional movement capabilities, due to which it can adapt to a wide number of applications under different conditions. The platform’s thoughtful design allows it to make operations in tight spaces more effective by effortlessly moving horizontally, sideways and diagonally, rotating without changing position of the wheels, and running at 1 m/s to smoothly overcome minor obstacles.

Thanks to a built-in odometer, the Magician Go can obtain real-time positioning data. With synthetic dynamic environment simulation, it is convenient for users to monitor the robot’s movement status and perform autonomous path planning.

With locally deployed AI algorithms, the DOBOT Magician Go applies visual recognition technology, including image, text, and facial recognition, without network connection. The robot’s smart vision system allows it to take part in multiple autonomous driving scenarios, implying intelligent road inspection, street sign and pedestrian detection, object identification, sorting operations, and more.

To ensure a safe and convenient working experience, the Magician Go is engineered with a sensitive safety switch that automatically detects obstacles, initiates an immediate alarm, and stops the movement. Plus, the robot comes with an emergency stop switch for when one needs to lock the motor for demonstration or debugging procedures.

Thus, the Magician Go not only offers mobility for the Magician Lite robot, but also ensures safe and comfortable operating conditions.



With its flexibility and high performance, the DOBOT Magician Go can be deployed in a wide variety of uses in the sphere of robot education. Thanks to multiple communication options, advanced navigation capabilities with ultrasonic sensors and programmable LED screens, it is easy and convenient to manage the robot, adjust and control different operations, such as object recognition, picking and placing, reaching specified locations, etc.

The manufacturer provides various hardware modules that can work together to perform customized tasks. For example, the additional AI camera kit represents a full-fledged visual system for advanced recognition of nearby objects, which leads to more complex automation scenarios.

Due to the decent payload capacity, smooth movement, great spatial orientation, and compatibility with the DOBOT Magician Lite, the Magician Go allows for efficient learning of algorithms for working with mobile collaborative robots.


Robot controls

The DOBOT Magician Go mobile platform features multiple communication modes, including USB, Bluetooth, and remote control. Furthermore, it can be easily manipulated from the dedicated Magic Box intelligent controller with multiple sensors, power and motor interfaces available for wider compatibility. The device enables script control that does not require connection to a computer.

Moreover, the Magician Go can be operated by a supplied 2.4G wireless controller, which ensures reliable remote control and gets the robot moving in seconds.

In terms of software, the Magician Go is powered by DobotLab that allows users to create customized tasks and scenarios using Python and intuitive graphical programming. This opens more opportunities for students of all ages to learn AI technologies. 

Due to the feature-rich control panel, there are various interactions with hardware and software available, including electronic control, speed regulation, data access, and more. In particular, the program offers voice control represented through functional AI blocks.

The DobotLab education platform not only provides multifunction control over the Magician Go, but it also contains inspiring programming courses for comprehensive robotics experience.


What’s in the box

a conrtols on the DOBOT Magician Basic Model Arm

  • DOBOT Magician Go mobile platform
  • Cover board
  • Power adapter
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Power Box x2 (built-in)
  • Magic Box
  • AI camera kit
  • Camera calibration card
  • Map accessory kit
  • Map (packed separately)
  • Joystick kit
    • Joystick
    • USB connector
    • Charging line
  • Accessory kit
    • 1.5 mm allen wrench
    • 2.0 mm allen wrench
    • 2.5 mm Allen Wrench
    • M2*25 hexagon socket head screws x2
    • M3*6 hexagon socket head screws x2
    • M3*8 hexagon socket countersunk head screws x2
    • M2 hexagon nuts x2
    • USB cable
  • Quickstart guide

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Look and feel

The DOBOT Magician Go mobile platform is available in white with black trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for educational and research applications and will decorate any establishment, workshop, or lab.

The device offers a compact and lightweight yet durable construction. The robot dimensions are 463 x 293 x 125 mm (18.2 x 11.5 x 4.9 in). It weighs only 5 kg (11 lb).



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