E3D Chimera+ HotEnd

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Versatile dual extrusion system for multi-material projects
  • High-temperature printing
  • Water- or air-cooled
  • Wide compatibility
  • Compact and light
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This device comes with:
  • V6 aluminum heater blocks
  • 0.4mm Brass nozzles
  • 3010 fan (12V or 24V)
  • Fixings kits
Price $125.00
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

The E3D Chimera+ is a two-nozzle hotend designed for printing with two different types of filament in one model. For a single-nozzle hotend capable of dual color printing, check out the Cyclops+.

The Chimera+ HotEnd with the examples of its outputs.

Featuring advanced high-temperature functionality, the Chimera+ comes available in several variants differing in terms of voltage and cooling. It can be equipped either with a standard 3010 fan or exceptionally lightweight, effective water-cooled heatsink.

Thanks to its reliable construction and high productivity, the E3D Chimera+ HotEnd is suited for manifold professional and personal applications.



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Part of the system

The Chimera+ HotEnd is fully compatible with the E3D equipment range, which allows the user to upgrade their setup to any desired specifications, starting from heater blocks and temperature sensors to heater cartridges and nozzles.

Multi-material capabilities

With two independently temperature-controlled heater blocks, the Chimera+ is able to print two filament types at once. For example, two PLA filaments of different colors or a combination of PLA and PVA as a support material for complex shapes with cleaner support removal.

Advanced cooling

The water-cooled version of the Chimera+ is perfect for heated build chambers that do not support air cooling (with ambient temperatures more than 40 °C). This makes the Chimera+ one of the E3D’s most versatile HotEnds enabling printing of advanced filaments such as PEEK with a suitable high-temperature support material.

Thoughtful supply kit

The device comes with everything one needs to start 3D printing right after receiving the package.


What’s in the box

The supply package for the E3D Chimera+ HotEnd.

  • Air-cooled HeatSink or Water-cooled HeatSink 
  • 2x Collet or 4x Collet
  • 2x Collet clip or 4x Collet clip
  • Cyclops+ fixings kit 
  • 2x PTFE tube (800 mm) 
  • 3010 fan (12V or 24V) 
  • 2x V6 silicone socks 
  • 2x 0.4mm Brass nozzles (1.75 mm) 
  • 2x V6 aluminum HeaterBlocks 
  • 2x V6 fixings kits 
  • 2x 30W heater cartridges (12V or 24V)
  • 2x Thermistor cartridges 
  • 2x Thermistor extension cables

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

A general view on the E3D Chimera+ HotEnd.

The E3D Chimera+ HotEnd is fairly compact and lightweight. It will fit the majority of currently available 3D printers.



The price for the E3D Chimera+ HotEnd is $125.00, which is reasonable considering its versatility and high performance.

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