E3D Hemera XS Extruder

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Upgraded Hemera system for faster and smoother printing
  • Smart design changes
  • Wide adaptability
  • Optimised airflow
  • Impressive material compatibility
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This device comes with:
  • Hemera XS assembly
  • Brass V6 nozzle
  • 4010 fan (12V or 24V)
  • Hemera fixings kit
Price $153.00
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The E3D Hemera XS is a compact dual-drive extrusion system tailored to meet various performance requirements within the E3D ecosystem. Being the upgraded version of the classic Hemera in terms of design, the device offers faster and more consistent printing compared to its predecessor model. It is compatible with the manufacturer’s entire range of HotEnds, including SuperVolcano, and comes available in two versions — 12V and 24V.

A side view on the Hemera XS extruder.

Thanks to the shortened material path, the Direct version of the device offers greater control on the filament as well as faster response time and reduced friction. In contrast, the Bowden version offers more accurate printing results thanks to the reduced weight and inertia on the tool head.

Due to reliable construction and enhanced integration capabilities, the E3D Hemera XS extrusion system can be effectively applied in manifold professional and personal spheres.



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A close-up perspective on the Hemera XS extrusion system.

Optimized design

The Hemera XS extrusion system is 92 g lighter and 11 mm shorter than the classic Hemera. Thanks to a custom stepper motor, it can move faster and with less inertia, which makes for reduced print issues, such as ghosting. This compact, space-saving device is also great for smaller 3D printers since it occupies less volume.

Potent and upgradable

As the improved version of the classic model, the Hemera XS can smoothly print PLA at 600 mm³/min with the standard V6 heater block. However, it is also possible to boost performance up to printing CF-reinforced PEEK at 6600 mm³/min and 450 °C with the SuperVolcano HeaterBlock and NozzleX.

Wide material compatibility

With the system’s wide material support, one can successfully print even demanding filaments, including abrasives.

Impressive adaptability

With a special T-slot flat mounting, the Hemera XS allows using a wide range of accessories, such as bed leveling probes, expansion boards, and more to improve the user’s 3D printing experience.

Unified system

The Hemera XS is a compact single unit designed as a whole. All its parts and mechanisms come from one engineering team, which makes for well-balanced and coordinated operation of the system’s components without 3rd parties involved.

Smart anti-stringing algorithm

To prevent jamming and filament stringing, the Hemera XS is equipped with the filament drive train that makes it easier to resume the process after pauses in printing.

Thoughtful package

The device comes with everything one needs to start 3D printing right after receiving the package, including a dedicated Brass V6 nozzle and V6 Heater Block for the first option and a dedicated PTFE tube for the second one.


What’s in the box

A detailed scheme of the Hemera XS extruder with all its constituent parts shown.

Direct version:

  • 30W Heater cartridge (12V or 24V)
  • Thermistor cartridge
  • Molex cable
  • 12V or 24V fan (40 x 40 x 10 mm)
  • Cable tie
  • E3D Hemera sink
  • Idler
  • Idler slide block
  • Idler spring block
  • Thumbwheel
  • Idler shaft
  • Drive hobb
  • Idler hobb
  • V6 Heater Block
  • E3D Hemera XS motor
  • Motor cable 
  • E3D Hemera fixings kit
  • V6 fixings kit
  • E3D Hemera heatbreak
  • Brass V6 nozzle
  • V6 sock
  • Thermal compound 

Bowden version:

  • Hemera XS assembly
  • 1.75 mm Hemera Bowden adaptor
  • 1.75 mm Collet
  • 1.75 mm Collet clip
  • Hemera fixings kit
  • 100 mm PTFE tube (1.75 mm)

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

A side view of the Hemera XS extruder.

The E3D Hemera XS extrusion system is fairly compact and light. Its outer dimensions are 85.5 x 44 x 65.25 mm. It weighs only 290 g together with the V6 hotside. In the picture below, you can find the exact dimensions of the device:

The exact dimensions of the Hemera XS extruder.


The price for the E3D Hemera XS extrusion system is $153.00, which is reasonable considering its printing capabilities and high performance.

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