Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

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Multifunctional professional collaborative robotic arm
  • Raspberry Pi 4B + M5Stack Atom modules
  • 6-axis movement
  • Open-source platform
  • Highly cost-effective
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This robotic arm comes with:
  • Power supply with DC connector
  • All necessary connection cables
  • Hex wrench and screws
  • Mounting plate
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The myCobot Pro 600 designed by the Chinese-based Elephant Robotics company is the most powerful model in myCobot series of collaborative robotic arms. The industrial-grade cobot features enhanced payload and working range, compared to the younger and series, and can be used for a whole range of industrial, educational, scientific, and consumer applications, due to its high performance and versatile programming opportunities.

myCobot Pro 600 has a maximum load capacity of 2 kg, a working radius of 600 mm, and can reach a linear speed of 0.6 m/s. Owing to high cost-efficiency and reliability, it is perfectly fit for industrial applications requiring tedious meticulous work, as well as for a variety of more creative tasks. Designed with industrial-grade durability in mind, myCobot Pro 600 can work 24 x 7 and safely interacts with people thanks to its efficient collision detection algorithm. The robot is compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux, supports ROS and Python, and can be operated remotely.

The Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600 is based on the Raspberry Pi 4B mainboard featuring a 64-bit 1.5 GHz 4-core CPU that runs on the open source Ubuntu 18.04 software platform. The end of the arm houses the ESP32-based M5Stack Atom development board with a 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix panel, additional GPIO pins, an IR sensor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a programmable button, and a USB-C port. 

Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600


Processing quality

The brushless DC industrial motors with harmonic reducers of myCobot Pro 600 provide quick response and smooth rotation of the six joints with remarkable accuracy and repeatability of ±0.5 mm. This makes the cobot suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

a processing quality on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600



The Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600 is a versatile professional robotic arm providing flexible opportunities for secondary development of cross-platform software. Its ergonomic design ensures quick and easy integration into the production line and allows using myCobot Pro 600 as a compact yet powerful industrial manipulator for various operations, such as sorting, assembling, loading, and more.

a applications on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

myCobot can move and sort objects, such as boxes, for example.

a can move and sort objects, such as boxes, for example on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

Kids can draw together with my Cobot Pro 600 — and acquire basic knowledge of robotics and initial programming skills.   

a can draw together with my Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

As a household helper the cobot can perform different tasks, such as cleaning the table, moving things, or making coffee.

a Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600 can perform different tasks


Working range

The working range of myCobot Pro 600 is 600 mm. It has six degrees of freedom allowing for completion of various complex tasks.

a working range on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600


Robot controls

myCobot Pro 600 is based on the RoboFlow operating system designed by Elephant Robotics specifically for industrial robots. You can use a PC connection or remote control function to operate the cobot.

a robot controls on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

myCobot Pro 600 also supports ROS and Python development environments, so you can choose your preferable way of operating the robot.

a RoboFlow software on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600 

Finally, like with myCobot 280 and 320 series, you can use the simplest drag-and-teach method to show the cobot the required succession of moves and record it.

The Raspberry Pi 4B board provides wide connectivity options. It is equipped with 2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x microHDMI ports for external monitor connection, and an IO interface.

a connectivity options on the Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

Designed specially for myCobot series, myStudio software platform provides the user with firmware updates, video tutorials and use cases, and maintenance and repair assistance.


What’s in the box

Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600 kit

  • myCobot Pro 600 robotic arm
  • Power supply with DC connector
  • Emergency stop button
  • HDMI cable
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Mounting plate
  • Hex wrenches and screws
  • 2 G-type clamps
  • User manual

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Look and feel

Elephant Robotics myCobot Pro 600

myCobot Pro 600 robotic arm is available in a white-and-gray color scheme. Its sleek and strict design makes it ideal for any industrial environment, a medical or research lab, cafe or photographer’s studio.



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