Elephant Robotics P5

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Professional collaborative robotic arm for multiple industries
  • 6-axis movement
  • Safe operation
  • Simple installation and programming
  • Wide application range
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This robotic arm comes with:
  • Power box
  • All necessary connection cables
  • Hex wrench and screws
  • Tablet pendant
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The P5 cobot designed by the Chinese-based Elephant Robotics company belongs to the P-series of professional collaborative robotic arms and is intended mainly for industrial and commercial applications. The cobot has two modifications with the maximum payload of 3 and 5 kg ( and P5 models correspondingly). The 6-axis compact yet powerful P5 model has a maximum payload of 5 kg and weighs only 24.5 kg. The tool speed of the robot can reach 1 m/s and the axis rotating speed is up to 208° per second.

The P-series collaborative arms are remarkably cost-efficient, reliable, and easy to install and maintain which allows you to integrate them into any industrial environment to perform various tasks. Their efficient collision detection algorithm with an adjustable threshold prevents any potential danger when interacting with people. In addition to this, the robot can be equipped with safety tools, such as safety vision, laser radar, and grating, allowing for safe collaborative work of humans and robots.

The end of the arm of the P5 model can be equipped with various end effectors, such as grippers, pneumatic suction cups, wrenches, screwdrivers, and others. You can even install an optional painting system to teach the P5 to draw.

Elephant Robotics P5


Processing quality

The high performance servo motors of the P5 provide quick response and smooth rotation of the six joints with remarkable accuracy and repeatability of ±0.05 mm. This makes the cobot suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.



The Elephant Robotics P5 provides a flexible solution for almost any industry, ensuring easy integration, cost-saving, and automation of the production. The cobot is highly energy-efficient with the power consumption of about 1/10 of other industrial robots. The professional robotic arm opens up flexible opportunities for secondary development of cross-platform software and can be used as a compact yet powerful industrial manipulator for various operations, such as sorting, assembling, loading, and more.

a applications on the Elephant Robotics P5

Elephant Robotics P5


Working range

The working range of the P5 is 850 mm. It has six degrees of freedom allowing for completion of various complex tasks.

a working range on the Elephant Robotics P5


Robot controls

The Elephant Robotics P-series robotic arms can be controlled via the supplied tablet pendant.

a robot controls on the Elephant Robotics P5

The P5 model uses the RoboFlow operating system designed by Elephant Robotics specifically for industrial robots. It is compatible with nearly any programming language, with the SDK supporting Python, C++, and Java.

a RoboFlow software on the Elephant Robotics P5

You can also use the open source Robot Operating System (ROS).

 a Robot Operating System (ROS) on the Elephant Robotics P5

You can work with the P5 robotic arm even if you don't have any programming skills. The simple and effective drag-and-teach method allows you to show the cobot the sequence of moves by manually leading it through all the waypoints, or by touching the arrow keys on the tablet.


What’s in the box

Elephant Robotics P5 kit

  • Elephant Robotics P5 collaborative robotic arm
  • Power box
  • Connection cables
  • Tablet pendant
  • Emergency stop button
  • Hex wrench and screws
  • User manual

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Look and feel

Elephant Robotics P5

The P5 collaborative robotic arm is available in white with red trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for any industrial environment, a workshop, or research lab.



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