Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

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Lite version of capable high-temperature SLS 3D printer
  • Capacious heated chamber
  • Smart thermal control
  • Fully open system
  • Easy-to-use software
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required to operate the printer
  • All the necessary cables
  • Precise 60W CO2 laser
  • BuildStar and MakeStar software
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The Farsoon HT252P is an industrial SLS 3D printer from the manufacturer’s 252P series. It is a capable, high-temperature machine for smooth and reliable additive manufacturing of quality functional parts. The HT252P model is a lite version of its counterpart, the ST252P 3D printer. It differs from the latter in terms of the maximum maintained build chamber temperature (220 °C instead of 280 °C featured by the ST252P), volume build rate (1.5 L/h vs 2.5 L/h), and offers a 60W laser in contrast to the 100W one of the other model.

The Farsoon 252P series comes with a build cylinder of 9.8 x 9.8 x 12.6 inches (250 x 250 x 320 mm). Both machines have the identical scanning speed of up to 10 m/s, which allows for fast sintering. The heated build chamber allows them to work with high-performance powders, while the open system inherent to all the Farsoon devices lets the user freely change printing parameters and mix various consumables in different proportions to get new materials.

Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

Like other Farsoon polymer solutions, the machine comes with an 8-zone heater and automated thermal control as well as comprehensive software with open settings, real-time build parameter modification, 3D visualization, and diagnostic procedures. The UI can be changed from the Production to the Expert mode in real time, and vice versa.

The Farsoon HT252P model is well suited for professional use in manifold spheres, including automotive, aerospace and aviation, medicine, mold production, scientific research, and more.


Print quality

The Farsoon HT252P can sinter layers with a minimum thickness of 60 microns. It is equipped with a 60W CO2 laser and a high-precision digital galvo system to ensure high accuracy and detail of printed parts.

a grey model printed on the Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

In addition, the printer is engineered with a heated chamber capable of reaching 220 °C. Alongside advanced temperature shielding, laser power, and thermal control reducing the risk of deformation, this allows you to use high performance materials, including PA6, PA66, and PEI, for multiple direct-use applications.



a white model printed on the Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

The Farsoon HT252P works with polymer powder stored in replaceable cartridges. Similar to other company’s products, the machine features an open material system. It is compatible with the following powders: FS3300PA, FS3401GB, FS4100PA, FS3150CF, FS3250MF, Ultrasint® PP nat 01, FS1092A-TPU, FS1088A-TPU, FS6140GF, Ultrasint® PA6.


Build volume

The Farsoon HT252P model is engineered with a build cylinder of 9.8 x 9.8 x 12.6 inches (250 x 250 x 320 mm). Therefore, the machine can print most of your models in one piece, without splitting them into parts. This greatly accelerates the production process. Compared to its counterpart from the series, the HT252P model has a smaller volume build rate of up to 1.5 L/h (depending on the parts printed and materials used).


Printer controls

The Farsoon HT252P can be operated via a mounted control unit with a clear and user-friendly interface. It is available in two interchangeable modes: Expert and Production.

a printed controls on the Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

The printer is supplied with the brand BuildStar and MakeStar software for efficient build package preparation and comprehensive machine control. Both programs offer streamlined systems and numerous handy features making the printing process quick, open, simple, and effective. The integrated software runs on Windows 10 (64 bit). It supports the STL file format.

a BuildStar and MakeStar software on the Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

Credit: en.farsoon.com


Look and feel

Farsoon HT252P 3D printer

The Farsoon HT252P is available in a white-and-gray color scheme. Its stylish look makes it ideal for a range of applications in various industries, including scientific research, automotive, medical, aviation and aerospace.

The printer dimensions are 68.3 x 48.2 x 77.8 in (1735 x 1225 x 1975 mm). It weighs approximately 4629.7 lb (2100 kg).



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