Flashforge Filament Drying Station

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Professional FDM filament storage and drying solution
  • Intelligent drying technology
  • Adjustable presets for different types of filaments
  • Reusable desiccant
  • Large storage capacity
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This drying station comes with:
  • 4 casters
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • A set of allen wrenches
  • User guide
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The Flashforge Filament Drying Station is a professional FDM 3D printing solution for storing and drying thermoplastics under optimal conditions. When not stored properly, most filaments absorb a considerable amount of moisture from the ambient air. This can drastically decrease their printing quality, resulting in such issues as warpage, stringing, layer delamination, and others. The parts made from carbon and glass reinforced materials show much worse mechanical properties if printed with damp filament.

Similar parts printed with wet and dry filaments on the Flashforge Filament Drying Station

Similar parts printed with wet and dry filaments. Credit: flashforge-usa.com

The Flashforge Filament Drying Station is designed to be paired with the 3D printer to make a well-organized working space and the optimal printer height, but it can also be used with any Flashforge FDM 3D printer or as a standalone device. Equipped with four casters, the station can be easily moved and is capable of bearing a weight of 120 kg. The spacious drawer houses six 1 kg or two 2.5 kg spools of filament, ensuring you always have ready-to-use material to print with.

Flashforge Filament Drying Station

The 4.3" touchscreen is used to operate the station and set the drying parameters, such as filament type, time, temperature, or humidity level. For more convenience, there are presets for various materials that can be modified by the user if needed. The station performs three main functions, which are storage, drying, and annealing. In the storage mode, the LCD shows the current temperature and humidity in the chamber. When the silica gel desiccant in the chamber gets moisture-saturated, the regeneration mode is enabled automatically to discharge the excessive moisture through hot air circulation, thus allowing for about 1-year desiccant service life. For the filaments that have taken in excessive moisture, you may want to use the drying function to restore the material properties. The station can maintain the drying temperature of 120 °C.

Flashforge Filament Drying Station

Some engineering-grade filaments achieve their final mechanical properties only after annealing, so you can do it in the Flashforge Drying Station. You only need to place the models in the chamber, enable the drying function, and set the necessary parameters. The recommended annealing conditions for some filaments are as follows:

  • PA: 70 °C / 2 hours;
  • PAHT: 70 °C / 2 hours;
  • PA12-CF: 80 °C / 6 hours.


What’s in the box

Flashforge Filament Drying Station kit

  • Flashforge Filament Drying Station
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Power cord
  • A set of allen wrenches
  • 2 stop blocks
  • 4 screws
  • User guide

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Look and feel

The Flashforge Filament Drying Station is available in black. Its sleek and austere design makes it an ideal match for any FDM 3D printer as well as a standalone piece of equipment in any workspace.

Flashforge Filament Drying Station

The machine dimensions are 33 x 26.6 x 23.6 in (840 x 675 x 600 mm). The package weight is approximately 220 lb (100 kg).



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