Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

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Industrial-grade multijet wax 3D printer
  • One-button automatic printing
  • Wax patterns mass-production
  • High precision
  • Extreme productivity
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Two build plates
  • Two part material and two support material boxes
  • Power distribution box
  • All the necessary tools
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The Flashforge WaxJet 400 is a professional-grade 3D printer based on MJP (MultiJet Printing) technology. The machine is capable of printing highly precise wax patterns with fine details and extremely smooth surface finish, which makes the WaxJet 400 indispensable for the industries employing investment casting technology, like jewelry, dentistry, precision casting, and others.

The printer utilizes two types of wax material for printing — the part material and the support material which is used for building support structures.

One-button automatic printing makes the operation of the device fast and easy, with features like automatic material reloading and 3D automatic layout adding to the convenience of use. The latter allows for the optimal placement of multiple parts (both vertically and horizontally oriented) on the build plate for maximum time-saving.

The spacious build volume, fast print speed, and highly automated printing process make for extreme productivity with the output of 10 kilos of wax patterns a month.

According to the manufacturer’s research, the use of the WaxJet 400 in jewelry mass manufacture reduces the overall production cost by 30% and shortens the delivery time more than twice.

a different colour models printed on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

a different models printed on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer


Print quality

The Flashforge WaxJet 400 is an MJP 3D printer that can print layers at the minimum height of 16 microns. That ensures flawless print quality with smooth surface finish required in precision investment casting industries.

a purple model printed on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

High precision and level of detail are possible due to the industrial-grade piezoelectric printhead with the printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 x 1600 dpi and the accuracy of ±0.04 mm / 20 mm.

a print quality on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer



a materials on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

The Flashforge WaxJet 400 is compatible with three types of Flashforge proprietary non-toxic wax materials: FFWJ1100 purple general-purpose casting material; FFWJ1200 pink dental casting material; and FFMS3100 white dissolvable support material used for support structures building. When the print process is over, the supports are dissolved in the wax washing solution.

Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

Credit: Flashforge Support / YouTube


Build volume

The Flashforge WaxJet 400 features a sizable build volume of 289 x 218 x 150 mm and allows for printing batches of small parts in one go, which greatly adds to the printer’s efficiency.

a build volume on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer


Printer controls

The Flashforge WaxJet 400 can be operated via a built-in 10.1" color LVDS touchscreen. USB and 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity options are available to choose from. The printer can send e-mail notifications about its current status; you can add up to four e-mail addresses.

a printer controls on the Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

Credit: Flashforge Support / YouTube

The WaxJet 400 comes with proprietary WaxJetPrint slicing software that guides the user through the whole pre-printing process. The supported file formats are STL and SLC.


What’s in the box

Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer kit

Credit: Flashforge Support / YouTube

  • Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D printer
  • Two build plates (in accessory box)
  • Two part material boxes and two support material boxes 
  • Network cable
  • Set of hex wrenches
  • User manual
  • Power distribution box
  • Box of rubber gloves
  • Pack of dust-free cloth
  • USB stick
  • Scraper knife

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D printer is available in a black-and-gray color scheme. Its stylish and modern look makes it ideal for a jewelry studio or any other manufacturing environment.

Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D Printer

The machine dimensions are 53.2 x 30.5 x 63 in (1352 x 775 x 1600 mm). It weighs approximately 1058.2 lb (480 kg).



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