FLUX Beambox Pro 50W Laser Cutter

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Professional desktop laser cutter and engraver
  • Essential parts required for operation
  • Build plate
  • Metal resin vat
  • All the necessary tools
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The Beambox Pro 50W is the most powerful machine of all the FLUX laser cutters and engravers. It is equipped with a CO2 laser tube operating at 10,640 nm. It can cut and engrave on wood, leather, cardboard, acrylic, rubber, foods, and also engrave on anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The Beambox Pro employs a high-resolution laser smaller than the width of a human hair that engraves with 0.05 mm layer depths at 1,000 DPI resolution. It is a safe and smartly designed fully enclosed machine that is put on hold automatically in case the lid has been opened during operation.  Besides, the machine can be shut down manually by using a single switch if an emergency occurs.

It is equipped with a powerful air pump and exhaust fans that help extract smoke and fumes and prevent material from catching fire. The filters have to be purchased additionally. There is also an air assist system that blows the smoke away from the laser lens and keeps it clean. In case you’d like to unlock the full potential of the machine and engrave on curved objects (e.g. glassware, bottles), you can purchase an easy-to-install rotary add-on for the machine.

Take a look at this originally designed acrylic laser cut piece. The edge finish is quite on point, don’t you think?

a plastic model on the Beambox Pro 50W pp

Credit: Maker’s Muse / YouTube

And here’s a wood engraving of a toy patent that took about 13 minutes to complete. Notice how well-detailed and accurate the engraving is. 

a wood model on the Beambox Pro 50W pp



  • Compatible materials
  • Working area
  • Machine controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Compatible Materials

a compatible materials on the Beambox Pro 50W pp


Working Area

The maximum working area is 600 x 375 x 80 mm, which is more than enough for professional and household use.

a layer laser on the Beambox Pro 50W pp

Credit: Maker’s Muse / YouTube


Machine Controls

The Beambox Pro 50W can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or WiFi. You can also use its built-in color touchscreen with a neat-looking UI for effortless standalone operation.

a touchscreen on the Beambox Pro 50W pp

Credit: Maker’s Muse / YouTube

The Beambox Pro 50W works with Beam Studio - an in-house developed software solution that provides a smooth crafting experience. Besides, there’s also an iOS/Android app Beam Go that lets you control the device remotely. The software lets you edit texts, vector files, bitmap images, align and distribute objects, and more.

a Beambox Pro 50W pp software Beam Studio

The camera preview option is one of the most interesting and useful features that the Beambox Pro offers. It lets you place and preview the design on any material as well as rotate it and scale to see what the final result will look like.


What’s in the Box

Beambox Pro 50W pp box

Beambox Pro 50W pp

  • Beambox Pro 50W
  • Laser engraving head
  • Laser cutting head
  • Power cord
  • Toolbox
  • Spare parts
  • User manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and Feel

Beambox Pro 50W pp


The Beambox Pro 50W is available in classic black with a transparent window. Its stylish appearance makes it ideal for a number of professional and personal applications. The outer dimensions of the machines are 250 x 1030 x 670 mm

(9.84" x 40.55" x 26.38") and it weighs 48 kg (105.8 lbs).



The price of the Beambox Pro 50W is $4,255.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality and precision.

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