JAKA Zu 12 collaborative robot

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Versatile robot with high payload capacity
  • Payload: 12 kg
  • Extensive working range
  • 6 integral joints
  • High accuracy
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This robotic arm comes with:
  • Control Box
  • Android tablet
  • Power cord
  • User manual
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The JAKA Zu 12 is a collaborative robot that features higher payloads and an enlarged working range compared to the previous models in the lineup. The device can carry heavy objects of up to 12 kg and has a reach of 1327 mm, which makes it a great tool to replace manual work. The flexibility and ease of use ensure stable, hassle-free operation; the robot can be installed at any angle.

The body of the JAKA Zu is made of aluminum and PC, ensuring durability and strength. It has six integral joints that simplify assembly and disassembly. The accuracy and repeatability of the cobot meet all the requirements for the implementation of manifold tasks in industries.

The JAKA Zu 12 does not require any safety fences and is capable of interacting with operators, other robots, and various working environments.

JAKA Zu 12

JAKA Zu 12 hold cup of tea



  • Processing quality
  • Applications
  • Working range
  • Robot controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Processing quality

The JAKA Zu 12 collaborative robot provides high reliability and accuracy. It is capable of repeating a movement within 0.03 mm at 3 m/s.

JAKA Zu 12 at work



The recommended industries and applications for the JAKA Zu 12 include auto parts, advanced manufacturing, household appliances, food packaging, etc.

The multiple axes configuration makes the robot ideal for repetitive pick-and-place actions.

JAKA Zu 12 a hold carton box

The high accuracy of the device ensures error-free machine tending.

JAKA Zu 12

The cobot can perform a variety of tasks such as packaging, assembly, screwdriving, dispensing, palletizing, polishing and more, thus realizing the omnidirectional automation of the work.


Working range

JAKA Zu 12

The device has an impressive working range of up to 1327 mm, which gives it freedom to perform a wide range of actions.


Robot controls

The JAKA Zu 12 uses a TCP/IP & Modbus electrical cabinet as a control box. You can program and operate the robot via a 12-inch tablet included in the supply package. The graphical programming is quite easy to cope with — no matter if you are an engineer or a novice, you are sure to master it after some training.

JAKA Zu 12 a robot contols


What’s in the box

JAKA Zu 12 box

  • JAKA Zu 12 cobot
  • Control box
  • Android-based tablet
  • 6 m cable
  • User manual

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Look and feel

The JAKA Zu 12 is available in gray with red trims. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications.

The robot base diameter is 188 mm (7.4 inches); it weighs 41 kg (90.3 lb).



The price for the JAKA Zu 12 is $0.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality and expandability.

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