Kinova Link 6 Collaborative Robot

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Industrial multi-task cobot for advanced automation
  • High reach and payload capabilities
  • Robust lightweight structure
  • User-friendly and cost-effective deployment
  • Enhanced flexibility for all applications
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  • Dedicated controller
  • Touchscreen teach pendant
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The Kinova Link 6 is a collaborative robot that is designed for rapid, cost-effective, and safe automation of industrial production. It represents a compact, accessible, plug-and-play solution with impressive technical characteristics making it a perfect device for a wide range of applications, including CNC machine tending, assembly, packaging, and more. The Link 6 can overcome such manufacturing challenges as small batch sizes or large product variety with ease.

Featuring a rich interface on its wrist, feed-through of power and data, optional Gigabit Ethernet adapter and vision module, the Link 6 is extremely easy to program and enables time- and cost-efficient integration. Moreover, one can choose the end effector that best suits their needs and create a new task sequence in just a few minutes due to the robot’s intuitive web-based graphical programming.

Being a collaborative robot of the new generation, the Link 6 possesses an outstanding reach coupled with a payload sufficient for the majority of precise lightweight tasks. Alongside high speed and repeatability, the machine provides intuitive and quick-to-learn control options, such as drag teaching, making it ideal both for beginners and experienced manufacturers looking for advanced automation opportunities. Moreover, the device boasts advanced safety protocols, simple deployment, and software support for Robotiq and OnRobot brand end effectors, making it perfect for effective and harmonious work alongside or instead of people of various professions and skills.

The Kinova Link 6 collaborative robot combines a lightweight, ergonomic, and flexible design, decent working radius, remarkable precision, high performance, and intuitive yet multifaceted controls, which makes it ideal for efficient industrial applications.



  • Processing quality
  • Applications
  • Working range
  • Robot controls and software
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Processing quality

The Kinova Link 6 possesses high reliability coupled with professional accuracy. It features 6 degrees of freedom and is able to repeat the same movement within ±0.1 mm at a maximum speed of 2 m/s. In combination with 6 kg continuous payload, this lets the robot perform an ample range of lightweight precision tasks with ease. In addition, an integrated force-torque sensor provides the means to perform complex assembly operations.

Due to a high rating of ingress protection, namely IP54, the Link 6 collaborative robot can operate in various application scenarios implying potential environmental hazards, like dust and water. Moreover, the machine is fully operational from 0 to 40 °C. Its shells are made of aluminum with powder coating finish for higher durability.



Thanks to its smart functionality and thoughtful design, the Kinova Link 6 can adapt to a variety of spheres implying precise, repetitive tasks. Due to its rapid deployment, compact dimensions, and high repeatability, the Link 6 model is ideal for CNC machine tending applications.

Apart from this, one can entrust the Link 6 cobot with small parts assembly, quality control and assurance, inspection, kitting, packaging, and more. This versatility is achieved through the robot’s innovative wrist offering increased ease of use and efficiency. Engineered with a feed-through of power and data to the end effector for cable-management-less tool installation, it provides up to 4A @ 24V available to power your tools, including optional Gigabit Ethernet and Vision modules.

For example, see how the Kinova Link 6 collaborative robot manages to cope with industrial operations of various complexity:

The reasonable implementation of the Kinova Link 6 allows you to automate manifold industrial processes, save time, and significantly reduce labor costs. Thanks to the Link 6 cobot, one can move their employees to value-added tasks for improved efficiency across any factory, workshop, or lab.


Working range

The Kinova Link 6 model features six-axis movement and possesses a maximum reach of up to 1149 mm (45.2 in) in combination with a flexible and lightweight joint body. Its ergonomic design with a 149 mm footprint diameter enables rapid deployment without the need to alter layout of a designated area.


Robot controls and software

The Kinova Link 6 can be easily manipulated via a dedicated state-of-the-art controller box, compact yet powerful. Built on the latest connectivity technologies, it delivers unparalleled processing power and memory capacity. An innovative plugin development environment ensures smooth running in parallel with the controller but separate from its core, without affecting the device’s safety functions. For better interconnectivity, the Link 6 controller is designed with multiple Safety and Industrial IOs as well as Modbus RTU communication support.

With its programming interface, running on Kinova Kortex™, the Link 6 has been designed to reduce deployment time and costs by offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience. This graphical interface is available through the touchscreen teach pendant or via a standard desktop version on a browser for all your programming needs. The teach pendant in addition to the buttons on the wrist saves your time when it comes to manual hand-guiding and trajectory planning making for fast and easy task preparation. 

Due to its intuitive web-based graphical programming interface, simple scripting, and potent software, the Kinova Link 6 allows users to easily set and adjust tasks from any connected device, such as a laptop or tablet, with no prior programming experience required. Thus, the operator of any skill level can simply drag the cobot to desired positions and teach it necessary functions.

The machine also supports enhanced control options through the Low Code and Full Code modes with Kortex API to meet the needs of advanced users.


Look and feel

The Kinova Link 6 collaborative robot is available in light gray with black trimmings. With its stylish and futuristic look, the Link 6 model will decorate any factory, workshop, lab, etc.

For further user convenience, the robot’s power and data are directly available on the wrist in the form of an interactive colored ring annunciator. It provides an intuitive visual status for constant awareness of the operational state.

The device offers a durable aluminum construction and flexible design enabling it to be effectively installed at any angle. It weighs 51.7 lbs (23.45 kg).



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