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Professional high-temp FDM 3D printer
  • Dual-extrusion system
  • Nozzle temperature up to 400 °C
  • Efficient air-filtering system
  • No need for prime towers with a purge box
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Set of nozzles
  • All the necessary tools
  • Power cord
  • USB stick
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The LUGO G3 HT is a high-temp version of the professional-grade printer, with significantly higher nozzle and print bed temperature and wider range of compatible filaments. Both models from LUGOLABS feature a dual extrusion system, wide material compatibility, and excellent value-to-price ratio. The Korean manufacturer LUGOLABS has produced 3D printers for the domestic market since 2013 under the Former’s Farm brand.

One of the key features of the LUGO G3 HT is its proprietary DCH (Dual Cone-shaped Head) print head eliminating the need for dual calibration and allowing for precise temperature control for each nozzle. This opens wide possibilities for dual-material printing with filaments requiring different print temperatures, and expands the scope of printer’s applications. The maximum nozzle temperature reaches 400 °C, which allows printing with high-temperature filaments.


Another feature designed for user convenience is the Purge box, which removes filament residues from the nozzle when switching between the nozzles during printing. Prime towers, usually built for this purpose, take a lot of time and material, whereas using the Purge box solves the problem.

a double-sided spring build plate on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

The LUGO G3 HT features a 165 °C heated print bed with a double-sided spring build plate, one side of which is made from carbon fiber, and the other is a PEI sheet, for best adhesion results with various plastics.

To prevent the risk of toxic fumes and ensure safe operation in any environment, the printer is equipped with an efficient H13 grade carbon-HEPA filter. The machine is fully enclosed, and the transparent front and side panels give it a stylish, futuristic look. All maintenance can be performed from the front, without the need to move the printer.

a carbon-HEPA filter on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

To keep the printing materials in the best condition, the LUGO G3 HT is equipped with the Fila-box, housing two spools of filament and capable of maintaining the humidity level below 15–20%.

a Fila-box on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT



Print quality

The DCH head is equipped with two 0.4 mm nozzles that heat up to 400 °C, providing the ability to print with engineering-grade high-temp filaments. Dual extrusion allows for printing multi-material models with various properties in different areas, and building complex assemblies. The LUGO G3 HT prints dimensionally accurate precise models that maintain the best properties of the materials used for printing.

a print quality on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

a different materials models printed on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT



a materials on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

The LUGO G3 HT is compatible with a wide range of thermoplastics, including carbon and glass fiber composites and high-performance materials, such as PEEK, PES, Ultem, and others. It is an open material system and can print with any 1.75 mm filament up to 400 °C no matter the manufacturer. The LUGOLABS company is developing its own line of filaments called Lugofil.


Build volume

The build volume of the LUGO G3 HT is 190 x 165 x 180 mm, which is enough for printing small-to-medium parts. Larger models can be printed in parts and then assembled.

a build volume on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT


The built-in fan is used for temperature control in the build chamber. When the temperature is going too high, the fan speeds up to ensure fast cooling. 


Printer controls and software

a printer controls on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

The LUGO G3 HT is operated via an LCD touchscreen with a quick response and a user-friendly interface.

a LUGO Cura slicer on the LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT

The printer is compatible with the LUGO Cura slicer, optimized for DCH head and allowing for convenient settings adjustment for various materials.


What’s in the box


  • LUGOLABS LUGO G3 HT 3D printer
  • Two 0.4 mm nozzles
  • USB stick (8 GB)
  • 2 nozzle replacement tools
  • Tool set
  • Power cord

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The LUGO G3 HT FDM 3D printer is available in gray with transparent doors and side panels. Its stylish look makes it ideal for any studio, workshop, or home use.


The machine dimensions are 18 x 14.6 x 21 in (457 x 370 x 532 mm). It weighs approximately 33.1 lb (15 kg).



To learn the current price of the LUGO G3 HT, click the "request the quote" button and fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible and send you all the details.

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