MAKEiT 2X4+ 3D Printer

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Dependable industrial-grade large-format 3D printer
  • Innovative LSP feature
  • Powerful extrusion system
  • Fully automated calibration
  • Accelerated production process
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required for operation
  • Ready-to-use material profiles
  • Filament dry box
  • All the necessary tools
The estimated lead time is 5-10 business days.

MAKEiT2x4+ is an evolution of the successful MAKEiT2x4 model. It is capable of 3D printing much higher temperature materials up to 450C° with a larger 1400x650x800mm print volume.

The MAKEiT 2X4+ is a large-format FDM 3D printer aimed at producing really big parts as a whole. Boasting high temperature capabilities, sturdy structure, and top-quality components from reputable suppliers (Hiwin rails, Cicoil flexible silicone cables, etc.), the machine can effectively work with abrasive materials like nylon and glass fiber, which makes it perfect for a number of professional applications. It comes fully assembled and tested for over 100 hours before shipping. You will even receive a large sample print created with your printer as a final test. Furthermore, for the scale, the MAKEiT 2X4+ comes at an affordable price and features user-friendly functionality.

For smaller version, check out the .

To ensure smooth and convenient user experience, the printer is engineered with multiple quality-of-life features, due to which it can print for 400+ hours non-stop, only changing filaments. Apart from fast processing powered by a 32bit controller, the machine has a smart filament control system ensuring continuous hassle-free feeding. With a fast and simple nozzle swap mechanism and modular build, the MAKEiT 2X4+ ensures simple and convenient maintenance. And what really makes the user’s life easier and the learning curve shorter are ready-to-use material profiles shared by the manufacturer.

Credit: @typicalstevenn / Instagram

Considering all the highlights, the MAKEiT 2X4+ 3D printer is a perfect tool for artists, car designers, engineers, and fabricators that deal with large-scale projects. It can be successfully used in prototyping and small-scale manufacturing for producing functional prototypes, end-use products, top-quality spare and custom parts. For example, with the MAKEiT 2X4+, car workshops can efficiently print front bumpers, fenders, hoods, skirts, wings, and more.


Print quality

The MAKEiT 2x4+ is an FDM 3D printer that can efficiently work with demanding materials and produce parts with smooth exterior surfaces. To provide consistent print quality, the machine is equipped with a self-developed direct drive extrusion system that has a heating capacity of up to 450 °C and generally resembles that of . Engineered with a 0.9 mm Tungsten Carbide nozzle, it can exceptionally well print abrasive materials, such as glass fiber and nylon. Besides, there is no need to change to a brass nozzle for printing regular filaments: the MAKEiT 2x4+ will smoothly deal with PLA, TPU, and some other tested materials. Plus, it will automatically adjust filament tension for every print, which will lead to impressive printout quality.

Another notable feature is the manufacturer’s filament guiding system with an integrated movement sensor that prevents filament from tangling, breaking, and running out during the printing process. If either of these issues happens, the printhead will pause, park to the side, and wait for the user to intervene. Once the problem is solved, the machine will go back to printing.

The printer is designed with an individually heated bed made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Thanks to its minimal thermal expansion, this bed provides outstanding adhesion even for large-scale models. It is able to evenly heat up to 110 °C. Bed leveling and calibration are performed automatically, with a simple click on the printer interface. Plus, the computer saves data to use before each print.

To prevent random layer shifts that can happen due to stepper motors randomly skipping steps, MAKEiT has developed an LSP (layer shift prevention) electro-mechanical system using a closed loop motor configuration. It is pre-installed on every 2X4 printer and greatly eliminates the risks of material and time loss.



The MAKEiT 2x4+ 3D printer specializes in working with high-temp industrial-grade PA6GF (Nylon Glass Fiber) and PA6CF (Nylon Carbon Fiber) filaments. Due to their light weight, durability, high resolution, and structural stability, these materials are great for making car plugs, master molds, or end-use parts. The full list of tested consumables also includes flexible TPU, PETG, PLA, and ASA.

Each printer comes with an onboard filament dry box that can accommodate 2–3 kg spools without any issues. The box maintains stable humidity of 10% keeping your material dry throughout the entire printing process, which ensures high print quality when dealing with nylon carbon fiber or nylon glass fiber filaments. The digital reader shows the current humidity and temperature inside the box.


Build volume

The massive build area of 55 x 26 x 31 in (1400 x 605 x 800 mm) lets you print just about anything without the need of splitting large models into several parts.


Printer controls and software

The MAKEiT 2X4+ 3D printer comes with a control unit located outside the printer enclosure frame, which can be detached and swapped quickly to minimize downtime. This solution also makes for reduced risk of overheating and easy access for maintenance and replacement if needed. With the red emergency stop button available, the user can stop printing immediately. To experience smooth real-time interaction, you can resume printing without interruption once the button is released.

For the user’s convenience, the machine is powered by a customized Octoprint interface pre-installed on the on-board Raspberry Pi. Major Octoprint functions have been modified and simplified to enhance the printer’s functionality and fit the owner’s needs. For example, the bed leveling function is available at a single click. Since Octoprint is an open-source interface, you are free to add your own adjustments.

Your 3D models can be easily transferred from a computer via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Thanks to an on-board webcam and Raspberry Pi, the printer also supports remote monitoring and control via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

As for slicing software, the manufacturer recommends using Cura. This free and easy-to-navigate program features rich functionality alongside intuitive user interface and allows fine-tuning your 3D models with more than 400 settings ensuring smooth workflow and enjoyable 3D printing experience. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and supports almost any type of 3D model formats.


Look and feel

The MAKEiT 2X4+ is available in white with a transparent enclosure that allows monitoring the printing process from all possible angles. The spool holder is mounted on the left side of the machine. Sitting on 4 wheels, it can be easily moved around your workshop.

The printer’s stylish look and ergonomic design make it ideal for any professional and hobby applications.



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