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The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS is an accessible scan-to-CAD plug-in developed specifically for SOLIDWORKS users. It allows you to reconstruct professional CAD models with the guidance of 3D meshes from any 3D scanner. The Mesh2Surface provides you with efficient tools inside your preferred CAD software to generate surfaces and curves. Use your scan data to create or improve product design and get all your work done under one platform.



Why choose Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS?

The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS is a handy plug-in for reverse engineering that provides you with a set of powerful scan-to-CAD tools inside SOLIDWORKS. The software will be great for those looking for: 

  • affordable scan-to-CAD solution;
  • fully integrated reverse engineering plug-in for SOLIDWORKS;
  • good accuracy of CAD models;
  • simplified working process.

Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS software



Here is the basic step-by-step guide to creating parametric CAD model in SOLIDWORKS with the assistance of the intuitive Mesh2Surface tools:

  1. Import 3D scan data from any scanner (STL, OBJ, or PLY). You can freely zoom and rotate it.
  2. Align your scan data to a 3D coordinate system. The Mesh2Surface offers you complete freedom in adjusting the correct orientation of the object.
  3. Extract any number of references from scan data for 2D sketching.
  4. Extract lines, arcs, and circles from the section planes to create a 2D sketch.
  5. Revolve the sketch to create a 3D body.
  6. Make necessary modifications to design.


Key features

The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS stands out against other reverse engineering plugins for the program due to the following functions:

  • decimation without losing quality;
  • reduction of noise on the entire mesh;
  • free alignment to coordinate system;
  • deviation analyzer tool;
  • proprietary snap-to-mesh technology.

Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS software



The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS enables you to 3D scan directly into SOLIDWORKS and use intuitive tools to create solid models with professional quality and high accuracy. The plug-in allows performing the following operations:

  • automatic surfacing;
  • freeform modeling;
  • primitive extraction for planes, cylinders, cones and spheres;
  • interactive selection with the magic wand, brush, and freeform selection;
  • fit surface selection with the real-time deviation color map;
  • symmetry plane detection with the color map analyzer.



The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS is a perfect plug-in for all who need to perform reverse engineering with 3D scan data inside SOLIDWORKS. It will be great for entrepreneurs, small manufacturing companies, and large enterprises. This also includes industries where product design and 3D printing play an important role such as:

  • healthcare;
  • dentistry;
  • culture;
  • manufacture;
  • automotive;
  • aerospace;
  • fashion.

Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS software



The Mesh2Surface for SOLIDWORKS is compatible with any 3D scanner including Shining3D and ScanTech.

The software supports STL, OBJ, PLY, and PTX file formats.

The system requirements are as follows:


Windows XP+


Intel® Dual-Core or later


512 MB or more

Hard disk

10 MB



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