Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

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Large-scale FDM 3D printer expandable with up to 5 toolheads
  • CoreXY kinematics
  • New high-performance extruder
  • Modular print bed with separate heating of each segment
  • Optional tool changer with up to five independent tool heads
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • All printer parts
  • Tool changer (optional)
  • All the necessary tools
  • User manual
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Note: This offer is targeting US-based educational and government institutions that must buy from U.S.-based companies and are unable to buy directly from Prusa Research a.s., a foreign entity. As per Prusa's reseller guidelines, Top3DShop acquires this product at retail prices from Prusa and then resells it to U.S.-based educational and government entities with added markup, ensuring compliance with your local procurement regulations. In addition, Top 3D Shop offers local customer support, customs clearance handling, and favorable financing options and NET 30 terms for eligible EDU, GOV and business customers.

The Original Prusa XL is a large-format FDM 3D printer with a plethora of smart features. The machine is Prusa’s flagship model featuring some state-of-the-art technologies developed by the Prusa R&D team.

New to Prusa 3D printers, the CoreXY architecture with high-quality linear rails allows reducing vibrations and increases stability and quality of printing results, which is especially important for large-scale printing.

One of the major innovations is the XL extruder, or “Nextruder”, with the load cell sensor which ensures an ideal first layer of every print without any user’s involvement. It also features a planetary gearbox with a 1:10 ratio and an accelerometer. Besides, each extruder is powered by its own Dwarf control board with a dedicated CPU and Trinamic driver, which receives information from the XLBuddy mainboard. The nozzle and hotend are easily swappable without the need to disassemble the extruder.

Speaking of the extruder, the Prusa XL can use up to five of them with an optional tool changer with an automatic tool alignment calibration and the opportunity to print with different nozzle temperature for each print head. The tool changer is equipped with two LEDs lighting up the nozzle.

Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Another new feature of the Prusa XL is its modular print bed consisting of 16 independently heated tiles, which makes for energy-efficient operation and prevents warping. The print bed is controlled by a separate motherboard.

a XLBuddy mainboard on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Among other notable features of the Prusa XL are its new 32-bit XLBuddy mainboard, a built-in Wi-Fi module, compatibility with any V6-compatible nozzles, a filament sensor, and print recovery function.

a grey model printed on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Material: Prusament PLA Marble Grey

a model printed on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer


Print quality

The CoreXY structure and high-performance extruder ensure excellent stability and repeatability of printing results. With the efficient automatic bed leveling system and modular heated print bed, the first layer is sure to perfectly adhere to the build plate, reducing the risk of such printing issues as delamination, warping, and others. The possibility to use different filaments in a single project enhances creative opportunities and makes the Prusa XL a highly versatile tool suitable for numerous applications.

a white model skull printed on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Material: Prusament PLA Blend Pearl White

a silverness model helmet printed on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Material: Prusament PLA Blend My Silverness



The Original Prusa XL is compatible with a wide range of filaments such as PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC, PP, flexible materials, and many others. You can use proprietary Prusament thermoplastics as well as third-party filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm and printing temperatures up to 300 °C. With up to five tool heads, the user can create multi-material models, combining various plastics in one project, and build soluble support structures.

a materials on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer


Build volume

a build volume on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

The huge build volume of the Original Prusa XL is 360 x 360 x 360 mm, which allows printing large objects, such as architectural models, interior design elements, or cosplay costumes. It also makes the XL a perfect tool for batch manufacturing.


Printer controls and software

The printer is operated via a graphic color LCD typical of Prusa 3D printers. It also features Ethernet connectivity and a built-in Wi-Fi module on the new XLBuddy mainboard, with the possibility to connect an external antenna.

The extruder Dwarf control board is equipped with an LED, showing the current extruder status, and two operating buttons that can be reprogrammed in the firmware.

a printer controls on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

Like all Prusa machines, the XL is recommended to be used with the open-source PrusaSlicer software, which provides an advanced set of tools and perfect compatibility with the printer as well as ready-to-use filament profiles.

a PrusaSlicer software on the Original Prusa XL 3D Printer


What’s in the box

Original Prusa XL 3D Printer kit

  • Original Prusa XL 3D printer
  • Smooth PEI print sheet
  • Power adaptor
  • Extendable spool holders
  • User manual

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The Original Prusa XL 3D printer is available in a black-and-orange color scheme. Its stylish look makes it ideal for any production floor, design studio, or workshop.

Original Prusa XL 3D Printer

The machine dimensions are 31.5 x 31.5 x 35.4 in (800 x 800 x 900 mm).



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