Phrozen Rapid Black Water-Washable Resin 1KG

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ABS-like water-washable rapid resin
  • Easy to post-process
  • Low viscosity
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Fast printing speed
  • Water-washable
  • Tough and non-brittle
  • Low odor
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Material Specs
  • Viscosity: 149 cps
  • Bottle weight: 1kg
  • Color name: Black
  • Color attribute: Solid
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Phrozen ABS-like resin is a highly hydrophilic 3D printing material for Phrozen resin 3D printers. With being very easy to post-process, the 3D models printed with this printer also boast their hardness and toughness, being harder to break compared with models printed with ordinary resins. It is customized for 405nm resin 3D printers and shows impressive printing speed when working with them. To be exact, it prints at 7 seconds per layer on Phrozen Shuffle and 1.5 sec on Phrozen Sonic when printing at 50 microns layer thickness.

The material helps to create highly detailed water-washable models with remarkable toughness and strength. The material runs out smoothly shaping your parts in black color, printing with millimeter-precision, providing your prints with a remarkably smooth matte surface finish. 

The models printed with the Phrozen ABS-like can be used in both professional and entry-level applications since this easy-to-print material helps you make dimensionally accurate, hard-to-break items in a fast and consistent fashion. It is perfect for the production of tabletop miniatures, prototypes, jewelry, art designs, and other products.



  • Phrozen ABS-like technical data
  • Viscosity: 149 cps
  • Tg:87°C
  • Elongation: 14 %
  • Break value: 21 MPa
  • Surface hardness: Shore 80D
  • I-Zod Impact:1.52 KJ/m2
  • XY Resolution: 50 µm
  • Recommended Layer Height: 30-100 um

Color specs

  • Color name: Black
  • Color attribute: Solid 


The Phrozen ABS-like resin is sold in 1kg bottles for safe and convenient transportation.

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