Piocreat G5 PRO Pellet 3D Printer

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Large-format industrial FGF 3D printer
  • High print speed
  • Removable flexible print bed
  • Various nozzle diameter options
  • Multi-material printing
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • All printer parts required for assembly
  • Spare nozzles
  • Pack of PLA pellets
  • All the necessary tools
Price: $5,999.00
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The Piocreat G5 PRO is an industrial-grade 3D printer based on material extrusion. The machine employs FGF (fused granulate fabrication) technology, which is similar to FDM with the difference in the form of thermoplastics used. While FDM 3D printers utilize plastic filaments, which are normally made from granules, or pellets, FGF machines print directly with pellets, thus ensuring lower material cost. FGF 3D printers use a screw-type extrusion system, where the screw rotates and melts the pellets fed from the hopper. The molten plastic mass is extruded through a nozzle and forms layers of the future model.

The G5 PRO is equipped with a proprietary new generation high-temperature extruder, providing consistent material flow and strong extrusion force without nozzle clogging. Due to high print speed of up to 100 mm/s and spacious build volume, the G5 PRO is a good choice for a variety of industrial applications, such as architecture and design, mold production, industrial parts and consumer goods manufacturing, and others.

A proprietary new-generation high-temperature extruder of the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.

The magnetic spring steel build platform of the G5 PRO can be detached and bent for easy part removal. Automatic and auxiliary bed leveling provide strong first layer adhesion and prevent warping issues. It takes just 1 minute 57 seconds to heat the print bed up to 60 °C, which reduces print preparation time. Such features as pellet run-out detection and print resume after a power outage make for stable performance and allow reducing downtime.

A sample model printed on the Piocreat G5 Pro 3D printer.



  • Print quality
  • Materials
  • Build volume
  • Printer controls and software
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Print quality

The Piocreat G5 PRO can print layers with a thickness of 0.2–1.0 mm. The high-performance extruder heats up to 450 °C, providing the user with a wide choice of compatible materials, and is equipped with interchangeable nozzles with a diameter of 0.4–3.0 mm. To ensure stable printing with ABS-type thermoplastics, the print bed can heat up to 150 °C.

A sample model printed with the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.

A sample bear model printed with the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.



The Piocreat G5 PRO can print with a wide range of plastic pellets with a granule size of 2–5 mm. The list of compatible materials includes consumer and engineering thermoplastics, fiber-reinforced composites, and even some metals.

A variety of materials the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer supports.

Pellet printing provides the user with a possibility of rapid material change, allowing for the combination of different plastics in a single project. You can also change the material color during printing by adding color masterbatch to the pellets.


Build volume

A general view on the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.

The G5 PRO build volume is 500 x 500 x 500 mm, which provides high versatility in printer’s applications.


Printer controls and software

The Piocreat G5 PRO is operated via an LCD touchscreen. The machine is equipped with an SD card and USB slots.

The LCD touchscreen featured by the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.

The recommended software to be used with the G5 PRO is Creality Print. This popular slicer features all the necessary editing tools and supports STL, OBJ, AMF, and 3DMF file formats. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

The interface of Creality Print software recommended for the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.


What’s in the box

The contents of the Piocreat G5 PRO 3D printer supply package.

  • Piocreat G5 PRO 3D printer assembly parts
  • Spare nozzles
  • Tool set and screws
  • Metal scraper
  • Leveling card
  • Masking tape
  • Card reader with SD card
  • Power cable
  • Pack of PLA pellets

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

The Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer is available in black. Its large build volume yet relatively compact size make it ideal for any workshop, lab, or even home-maker’s studio.

A side view on the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer.

The machine dimensions are 37 x 30 x 37.8 in (765 x 890 x 990 mm).



The price for the Piocreat G5 PRO pellet 3D printer is $5,999.00, which is reasonable considering its high performance and low material cost.


Return policy

This item is custom built and non-returnable.

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