Polyga Carbon X 3D Scanner

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Professional-grade 3D scanning system with adjustable FOV
  • Powerful blue light projector
  • High-resolution dual cameras
  • Sturdy, reliable construction
  • Targetless scanning
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This 3D scanner comes with:
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  • Dedicated tripod
  • Calibration boards
  • Hardware set
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The Polyga Carbon X is a professional desktop 3D scanner that aims at high performance, versatility, convenience and ease of use. Its adjustable field of view provided by multiple mounting positions for the cameras gives one freedom to configure the scan volume and work with different-sized objects. With the high speed and accuracy of data capturing, the Carbon X model ensures fast operation and quality, detailed results. Coupled with efficient and easy-to-use software as well as integrated photogrammetry compatibility, the system represents an example of a high-end 3D scanner that adapts to any task.

The Carbon X employs structured blue light technology that consistently delivers precise 3D scans satisfying professional quality standards. Like other company’s devices, the scanner is engineered with two high-resolution cameras with advanced built-in image processing providing extremely detailed and realistic results. To ensure stable and efficient operation in demanding environments, the Carbon X is built using industrial-grade aluminum alloy with anodized scratch-resistant coating for better durability and years of use.

Considering all the highlighted characteristics, the Polyga Carbon X 3D scanner makes a perfect solution for any companies, manufacturers, academic institutions, visual effect studios, and research labs that need accurate and consistent 3D scan data. The device is made to meet the stringent accuracy requirements of aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, and metrology. It will be ideal for scanning a wide variety of objects, including automotive parts, engine casings, marine turbines, aerospace power units, works of art, archeological artifacts, and more.



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scan volume
  • Scanner controls and software
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

The Polyga Carbon X is equipped with dual 5 MP cameras that enable it to yield up to 5 million points per scan with an accuracy of up to 25 µm at the smallest FOV (70 µm at the max. FOV) and a point-to-point distance of 0.038–0.45 mm. This way the user can get complete, extremely detailed 3D data.

More scan samples are available on the .

The Carbon X model sports a new powerful blue light projector. It offers a shorter wavelength, which captures finer details with less ambient color noise. This allows the device to produce more precise and accurate shapes, providing true realism to the resulting digital 3D models. Furthermore, in contrast with laser-based scanners, blue light boasts longer life and safer conditions with a cooler operating temperature.

With the particular add-on, the Carbon X is capable of capturing high-quality color scans without compromising on scan accuracy and geometry detail. Designed for convenience and versatility, Polyga’s Color Texture Kit uses a specially developed color acquisition method that will add a whole new dimension of visual appeal to your scans.

As a nice bonus, the Polyga Carbon X can operate with or without scan targets. With this innovation at hand, there is no need for endless preparation and removal of markers, which generally makes for effortless setup, calibration, and scanning.


Scan volume

While other systems can be restrictive in their ability to only scan similar sized objects, the Polyga Carbon X is different in its flexibility. This is a tripod-mounted 3D scanning system, the main feature of which is its dynamic, fully adjustable field of view. One can make the FOV smaller or bigger by placing the cameras in different positions on the aluminum sliders to scan objects of various shapes and sizes. Thus, the inner camera mounting position makes for a diagonal of 220 mm, and the outer one provides a 975 mm FOV for capturing larger parts, with a standoff distance of 290–1220 mm.


Scanner controls and software

The Polyga Carbon X operates through a plugged computer and uses the proprietary FlexScan3D software. The program ensures rapid data acquisition and features high-processing speed as well as advanced post-processing capabilities. It delivers a really smooth and responsive 3D scanning experience and even includes basic quality inspection measurement tools for deviation analysis.

The Carbon X model supports the most common file formats: PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX, and 3D3. It is powered by FlexScan3D — a dedicated program for the Polyga’s professional scanners. It provides all the necessary tools for reproducing high-resolution, accurate 3D scans directly from real-world objects. The software includes a rich set of powerful measurement and inspection tools for industrial needs. It also lets you take control of multiple 3D scanners through an easy-to-use interface.


What’s in the box

  • Polyga Carbon X 3D scanner
  • Tripod head
  • Tripod legs
  • 12V power supply
  • USB / trigger cables x6
  • Hardware set
  • Calibration boards x4
  • FlexScan3D scanning software

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.

In addition, Polyga offers a few add-ons and accessories (purchased separately) to facilitate and streamline the scanning process and improve your experience with the Carbon X, such as the dedicated Color Kit, Photogrammetry Kit, etc. To learn more about the supply package and available add-ons for this model, feel free to contact us.


Look and feel

The Polyga Carbon X model is available in matte black. The scanner is constructed using 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with anodized scratch-resistant coating, which makes it suitable for years of high-accuracy 3D service in the most demanding fields. Its stylish look and compact design also make it great for a number of professional applications.

The outer dimensions of the device without the rail are 7.9 x 4.3 x 10.7 in (200 x 108 x 271 mm). With the rail, the dimensions of the scanning system reach 19.7 x 4.3 x 12.4 in (500 x 108 x 315 mm).



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