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Ultimate reverse engineering software
  • Highly accessible
  • Extremely accurate
  • Powerful toolset
  • Responsive operation
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Smart features
  • Comprehensive functions
  • Best-fit algorithms
  • Easy to master
  • Cost-effective solution
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The Quicksurface is a standalone scan-to-CAD software that transforms 3D scan data from any 3D scanners into analytical CAD models. Its intuitive toolset makes reverse engineering simple and affordable compared to other programs in the area. Create newer, better products with improved design.



Why choose Quicksurface?

The Quicksurface aims at accessible reverse engineering and quality results. That is why it will be a great acquisition for those who is looking for:

  • affordable scan-to-CAD solution;
  • cost-effective software;
  • simplified scan-to-CAD process;
  • handy algorithms;
  • shorter learning curve;
  • powerful tools.

Quicksurface software



The Quicksurface is a comprehensive reverse engineering solution that is compatible with any 3D scanner that can export STL mesh data or PTX point clouds. Transfer captured data into standard IGES or STEP file formats or build fully parametric history tree directly into other CAD packages. Reconstruct your parts with quality and ease.

a workflows Quicksurface software


Key features

The Quicksurface stands out against other reverse engineering software due to the following characteristics:

  • intuitive toolbox;
  • long-range 3D scanners support;
  • real-time deviation color maps;
  • versatile scan-to-CAD editing;
  • user-controllable accuracy, and more.


To achieve high quality and better productivity, the Quicksurface enables you to perform multiple tasks such as:

  • parametric, free-form, and hybrid modeling;
  • automatic surfacing;
  • working with large meshes;
  • mesh realignment;
  • geometric primitive extraction.



The Quicksurface is designed for all who need to do reverse engineering with 3D scan data. It will be great for entrepreneurs, small manufacturing companies, and large enterprises. This also includes industries where product design and 3D printing play a significant role such as:

  • healthcare;
  • dentistry;
  • culture;
  • manufacture;
  • automotive;
  • aerospace;
  • fashion.

Quicksurface software



The Quicksurface is compatible with any 3D scanner including Shining3D and ScanTech.

The software supports STL, OBJ, and PTX file formats.

The system requirements are as follows:


Windows 7+ (64-bit Edition)


Intel Dual Core or later


1 GB or more recommended

Hard disk

500 MB or more recommended



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