Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

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Complete solution for ultrafast printing
  • Speed acceleration up to 350 mm/s
  • Excellent print quality with Hyper Speed filaments
  • Active vibration cancellation algorithm
  • New Hyper Speed mode in ideaMaker software
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This upgrade kit comes with:
  • Two Hyper Speed 0.4 mm hotends
  • Hyper Speed auto calibrator
  • Two spools of Hypes Speed filaments
  • Software upgrades
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The Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit is a speed boosting solution designed to increase your Pro3 series 3D printer’s speed up to 350 mm/s. It implements the company’s Hyper FFF technology which is set to become a game-changer in industrial FFF printing. Developed with efficiency in mind, the new technology delivers several times faster print speeds without sacrificing print quality and reliability.

Hyper FFF is a whole ecosystem based on the active vibration cancellation algorithm which absorbs excessive vibrations every time the print head changes direction, moving at a high speed. The algorithm allows for the increase in acceleration from the average of 500–1500 mm/s² to 5000–10000 mm/s², thus providing a gain in speed up to 350 mm/s.

Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

High-speed printing requires special filaments with better fluidity and lower heat capacity to withstand fast speeds without a loss in print quality and material properties.

a special filaments on the Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

The Upgrade Kit includes two spools of Hyper Speed most popular PLA and ABS filaments optimized for fast printing and providing smooth model surface and high level of detail. Raise3D is developing the Hyper Speed and more industrial Hyper Core lines of filaments designed for industrial high-speed printing.

a most popular PLA and ABS filaments on the Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

Another element of the Hyper FFF technology is software compatibility. The dedicated ideaMaker slicer has been updated with the Hyper Speed mode and new filament profiles, allowing for streamlined file preparation and printing process using the new equipment and materials.

a ideaMaker slicer software on the Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit



The Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit is compatible only with the and 3D printers. To install the upgrade kit, you need to activate it on the manufacturer’s website using the code you will find in the Upgrade letter. Please, note that before upgrading your Pro3 / Pro3 Plus with Hyper Speed mode, you need to upgrade the motion controller board firmware to version 1.3.0411. Once the activation is successful, you will get an e-mail with the download links for the files required to complete the installation. Transfer the files to the printer and restart it. Then follow the prompts of the installation wizard on your printer’s screen.

a installation on the Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

You also need to install the ideaMaker software, the current version supporting the Hyper Speed mode is 4.4.0 Alpha.


What’s in the box

Raise3D Pro3 Series Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit

  • Upgrade letter
  • Software upgrades
  • Two Hyper Speed hotends 0.4 mm (Pro3 series only)
  • Hyper Speed auto calibrator (Pro3 series only)
  • Spool of Hyper Speed PLA (white, 1 kg / 1.75 mm)
  • Spool of Hyper Speed ABS (natural, 1 kg / 1.75 mm)

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