REALvision Pro Software

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Professional 3D printing software solution
  • Material property-based slicing engine
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Access to more than 150 adjustable settings
  • Expert customer support
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Smart features
  • Print optimization with lattice structures
  • Variable layer height
  • Automatic and manual support generation
  • Visual tooltips to explain different settings
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The REALvision Pro slicing software from the Danish company Create it REAL is a powerful tool based on more than a decade of experience in developing white label software for 3D printer manufacturers. Now the slicer is available as a standalone desktop version for general use, and the company offers three license plans, varying in price, available features, and customer support.

To keep the right balance between the 3D printer capabilities and material properties and get the best result possible in each particular case, the company has developed its material property-based engine with smart limits that help define the most suitable printing parameters, considering your machine characteristics, material to be used, and the desired part quality.


Why choose REALvision Pro?

Created from scratch and fine-tuned through over 10 years of extensive testing, the slicer offers a professional set of tools with more than 150 adjustable setting parameters that are, however, easily accessible via a clear and simple user interface. The software is a perfect choice for both professionals who want full control over the printing process and beginners who can use automatic settings to get flawless print results.

To help users get the most out of the slicer’s extensive capabilities, each setting is accompanied by a tooltip with a brief description and visual illustration of how it is used. These tooltips are not only a great help for beginners, but also allow advanced users to save time on print preparation.

The REALvision Pro user interface.

The company keeps the slicer up to date with frequent updates and new machine and material profiles, and the team of 3D printing experts provides professional customer support.


Key features

The REALvision Pro slicer features an intuitive workflow starting with choosing a printer, material, and printing profile. Once you import a 3D model in .stl, .obj, .ply, or .off format, you can move, scale, rotate, flip, or mirror the object, as well as use more advanced editing tools.

  • Lattice structures for print optimization. Infill helps balance the part's physical properties, print speed, and surface quality. In REALvision Pro the user can choose from 13 types of isotropic lattice structures and set the infill density.

Different types of isotropic lattice structures available in the REALvision Pro tool set.

  • Optimized print speed. The software adjusts the print speed settings, giving the priority to surface quality in visible areas and speeding up printing of non-visible parts.
  • Variable layer height. When the user changes the layer height, other relevant settings are automatically adjusted to keep the optimal balance. This allows varying layer thickness within one project, either manually or automatically.
  • Planned pause function. This feature is useful when your design needs a color change for certain areas, or in case some object should be embedded into your print.

A print sample demostrating the planned pause function available in REALvision Pro.

  • Precise time management. The software allows for accurate print time estimation, which is especially important for industrial manufacturing.
  • Modifiers. This feature allows you to use the geometry of an object to define the infill properties of a specific area within your model, thus reinforcing or weakening the desired areas of your print, altering the center of gravity, or creating cavities, if necessary.

The REALvision Pro user interface.

  • Support generation. The automated function of generating support structures allows adding supports to your model with a click of a button. Experienced users can take full advantage of manual support generation.



REALvision Pro comes in three packages, namely Personal, with limited software support, Corporate, providing end-to-end process support, and Enterprise, ensuring dedicated technical support, for each of them the user can choose between a monthly or a yearly license. The differences between the three packages are detailed in the table below.

  Personal Corporate Enterprise
Software features
Easy print profiles + + +
Smart limits + + +
Property-based slicing + + +
Intuitive interface + + +
Advanced speed/quality setting + + +
Lattice structures + + +
Maximum extrusion + + +
Modifiers + + +
Manual or automatic support + + +
Advanced expert settings + + +
Regular updates + + +
Microsoft platform + + +
Custom development​ - - +
Print features
Seats 2 5 requested
Exceptional print quality + + +
Precise print time predictions + + +
Predict filament usage + + +
Less failed prints + + +
Print profiles unlimited unlimited unlimited
Printers unlimited unlimited unlimited
Supported formats STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF
Service features
Academy + + +
Technical support + + +
3D printing expert support - + +
Dedicated support - - +
Response time (during working hours) few days 8 hours 4 hours
Invites to VIP impacts​ - - +
Insight in roadmaps - - +
45° printing (for belt) ask + +
BigPrint [size] ask + +
Additional service
Material certification additional purchase additional purchase 2 included
Calibration of printer additional purchase additional purchase additional purchase
Extra seat - €10 per month -



The REALvision Pro slicer is powerful professional 3D printing software ideally suited for any industrial FDM printing application. It provides a rich set of tools allowing for high-quality, high-speed printing with a wide range of flexibility in setting adjustment. On the other hand, its simple and clear user interface and smart automated functions make REALvision Pro a perfect choice for consumer printing as well. 



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