Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator

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Powerful immersion separation system for metal dust
  • Class II, Division 2 rated
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Carbon-impregnated compression cast housing
  • Low-maintenance design
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This machine comes with:
  • 12-gallon immersion tank
  • Hydrophobic filters
  • Counterbalanced anti-static casters
  • Filter bag
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The Ruwac MX361 is a powerful yet portable immersion separation system designed for safe collection of metal flakes, combustible dust, impact-sensitive and other materials. The machine is ETL certified, meeting the requirements of UL 1017 Standard for Class II Division 2 applications — Groups F and G.

The portable and maneuverable machine is a two-part system, the first of which is the immersion system consisting of a liquid bath and a demisting area with a demisting pad on top of it. At the rear of the machine there is a back chamber with two hydrophobic filters and a motor deck. The TEFC brushless motor provides 24/7 continuous operation and 15000 hours of operation with no maintenance required. To ensure extreme durability, the housing of the MX361 is built out of a dent, crack, and rust-proof compression-cast carbon composite and has a lifetime warranty. The counterbalanced anti-static casters make for portability and convenience of use.


Key features

Easy to fill and empty immersion tank. Designed for quick and convenient operation, the immersion tank of the MX361 is compatible with a standard garden hose used to fill the liquid chamber with water. It is equipped with an external sight glass for liquid level monitoring. To easily discharge water and solids, the immersion tank is equipped with a 2-inch ball valve, and you can use a standard 5-gallon bucket to collect water. The MX361 comes with a filter bag which is attached to the drain and allows you to separate solid debris from the water while emptying the liquid bath.

Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator

Efficient filtration system. Two hydrophobic filters detain 99% of particles at a sub-micron level. The construction of the machine allows adding an optional HEPA or ULPA filter for efficient air purification.

Easy maintenance. The MX361 provides easy access to all hose connections as well as filters, dispersion screen and demisting pad. All operations can be performed quickly and conveniently without any additional tools required. 

Safety features. The housing of the machine is anti-static, and all its metal components are fully grounded, which is important while working with combustible materials. The retractable ground reel provides an additional grounding source, ensuring safe operation. On top of the immersion tank, there is a hydrogen relief valve that lets the gas out, preventing its accumulation inside the tank.



To increase the machine’s versatility and efficiency, it can be equipped with optional accessories for various applications.

1.5" explosion proof accessory package

The NFPA-compliant accessory package includes the following tools:

  • 1.5" x 10' explosion proof poly-urethane hose with grounded cuffs;
  • 1.5" x 54" aluminum two-piece wand with double bend;
  • 11" aluminum crevice tool;
  • 3" round conductive brush, carbon impregnated, nylon bristles;
  • 16" rubber floor tool, conductive rubber and rollers for effortless cleaning of large floor areas.

a accessories on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator


Onboard reclaim system

An effective additive manufacturing solution to prevent expensive material waste. The non-sparking stainless steel cyclonic pre-separator is mounted directly onto the MX361 and allows you to reclaim Group E metal dusts for further use, increasing production rates and reducing material waste.

a onboard reclaim system on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator

The system also includes the Discharge settling chamber.


Discharge settling chamber

The Discharge settling chamber is a stainless steel sight glass that is mounted directly to the vacuum discharge, enabling dust to settle out of the liquid bath into the sight glass. It greatly simplifies vacuum maintenance, effectively separating metals before they accumulate in the vacuum. Connected to the Onboard reclaim system, the chamber allows for more efficient material processing.

a discharge settling chamber on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator


Dust extraction swing arm

The dust extraction arm attaches directly onto the vacuum system and provides 360° rotational range. This compact attachment is indispensable for collecting fine dust from hard-to-reach places.

a dust extraction swing arm on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator



The Ruwac MX361 is a high-performance vacuum system highly suitable for additive manufacturing and other industries, such as automotive and aviation part manufacturing. The machine safely collects and neutralizes combustible metal dust, such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, mixed metals, and other volatile dusts.

a applications on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator


What’s in the box

Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator kit

  • Ruwac MX361 immersion separator
  • Filter bag
  • Stainless steel inlet adapter
  • Conductive casters


Look and feel

The Ruwac MX361 immersion separator is available in a black color scheme. Its industrial look makes it ideal for any production shop or 3D printing lab.

Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator

The machine dimensions are 27.2 x 37.81 x 70.25 in (690.9 x 960.4 x 1784.4 mm). It weighs 363 lb (164.7 kg).

a dimensions on the Ruwac MX361 Immersion Separator



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