Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator

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Compact wet-mix vacuum system for labs and universities
  • Class II Division 2 rated
  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Compact and portable
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This machine comes with:
  • 2.6-gallon immersion tank
  • Hydrophobic filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Retractable grounding cable
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The Ruwac MX201 is a compact immersion separation system designed for safe collection of metal flakes, combustible dust, impact-sensitive and other materials. The MX200 series machines from the Ruwac company are ideal for use in laboratories and other places with residual dust or for occasional use.

Designed for user’s convenience, the MX201 requires very little maintenance and ensures safe operation, meeting NFPA 484 Standard for combustible metals, metal powders, and metal dusts. The machine is equipped with an efficient multi-stage filtration system and is fully bonded and grounded. Powered by a brushless TEFC motor, the MX201 ensures 24/7 continuous operation and 15000 hours of maintenance-free runtime. The machine features a durable powder-coated steel housing and is equipped with anti-static casters so it can be easily moved.


Key features

Easily removable immersion tank. The MX201 is equipped with a 2.6-gallon stainless steel immersion tank which can be easily removed and emptied using a lifting mechanism. You can take out and rinse the dispersion screen and dispose of the dirty water. There is a large viewing window with two fill marks for convenient control of the water level in the tank.

Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator

Multi-stage filtration system. The filtration system of the MX201 consists of two levels. The primary filter is a hydrophobic / oleophobic cartridge which detains 99.7% of particles at 0.5 micron. It is easily accessible and can be removed for cleaning or replacement without using tools.

a multi-stage filtration system on the Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator

The second is a HEPA air purification filter, directly connected to the blower discharge. It filters 99.7% material at 0.3 micron, requires no cleaning, and boasts a long service life.

a HEPA air purification filter on the Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator

Easy maintenance. The MX201 provides hassle-free operation without the need for complicated maintenance. All removable parts, such as the immersion tank or filters, can be taken out without using additional tools, and rinsed if needed.

Safety features. The machine was designed with safety in mind, so its construction prevents any potential accidents or failures. All metal components of the MX201 are wired through the line ground. The retractable cable provides additional grounding and can be connected to another piece of machinery or another earth ground. On top of the machine there is a degassing relief valve that lets hydrogen out in case the MX201 is left with water. The motor is equipped with an IP66 enclosure with a magnetic starter and is thermally protected with auto shut-off at 150 °C.



The Ruwac MX201 is a versatile vacuum system which can be used in different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, gunpowder production, or additive manufacturing, including laser sintering and metal 3D printing. The machine efficiently filters combustible metal dust, such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, and others.


What’s in the box

Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator kit

  • Ruwac MX201 immersion separator
  • 1.5" x 10' flexible urethane anti-static grounded hose
  • Stainless steel inlet adapter
  • Conductive rubber pointed nozzle
  • Conductive casters


Look and feel

The Ruwac MX201 immersion separator is available in a white-and-gray color scheme. Its mobility and compact design make it ideal for any laboratory or workshop.

Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator

The machine dimensions are 20 x 31 x 39.25 in (508 x 787.4 x 997 mm). It weighs 309 lb (140.2 kg).

a dimensions on the Ruwac MX201 Immersion Separator



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