Scantech AXE-G7 3D Scanner

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An efficient global 3D scanner
  • Great accuracy
  • High measurement rate
  • Good resolution
  • Easy handling
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This 3D scanner comes with:
  • Essential parts required to operate the scanner
  • Waterproof case
  • Markers
  • Gigabit Lan interface
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The AXE-G7 is an easy-to-carry handheld professional 3D scanner. It uses a Class II, eye-safe laser technology composed of 7 red laser crosses and an additional red laser line. Efficient and lightweight, it can scan large parts with high volumetric accuracy (up to 20 microns) without the need for additional devices. Still, it supports deep hole scanning.

The AXE-G7 benefits from a wide scan area. It is a time-saving, efficient device that requires half the markers generally required by common handheld 3D scanners. This lets you save a lot of time when scanning large objects.

It has been used to scan cars, engines, sculptures, medical devices, and more. For example, it has been used to 3D scan NEMA, an energy-efficient motor enclosure. Read the review to find out more. 

Thanks to its low weight, AXE-G7 is really easy to handle. It allows scanning deep cavities and complex parts with ease.

The picture below shows the final measurement data. The scan looks accurate and highly detailed.



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scan volume
  • Scanner controls
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

AXE-G7 is a professional global 3D scanner that can scan objects with an accuracy of 20 microns (300mm ball bar) and a volumetric accuracy of 0.02 mm+0.035 mm/m. With a resolution of 100 microns, it can perform 800,000 measurements/s.

Unlike normal 3D scanners, this handheld device features a 1m length tolerance of 0.055mm, a 5m length tolerance of 0.195mm, and a 10m length tolerance of 0.370mm.


Scan volume

The AXE-G7 features a scanning area of 420 x 380mm. By moving the scanner over the object, you will be able to capture large parts at a consistent speed. It features a stand-off distance of 450 mm and a depth of field of 500 mm.


Scanner controls

The scanner includes integrated control buttons and a Gigabit Lan interface. Easy-to-operate and user-friendly, it can process and export data to multiple file formats (PLY, XYZ, DAE, FBX, MA, OBJ, ASC, STL, and more).


What’s in the box

  • AXE-G7 3D Scanner
  • Waterproof case
  • Markers
  • Gigabit Lan interface

For some items, package content may change. In case of any questions, please get in touch.


Look and feel

AXE-G7 is available in total black with light blue trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for industrial manufacturing, medical applications, automotive design, and engineering inspection.



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