Scantech TrackScan-P42 3D Scanner

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High-precision 3D scanning system
  • Smart tracking algorithms
  • Marker-free workflow
  • Lightning-fast scanning speed
  • Compatible with robotic arms
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  • Waterproof case
  • USB drive
  • ScanViewer software
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Scantech TrackScan-P42  is a professional high-definition 3D scanner that employs eye-safe 3D scanning powered by three different scan modes, providing outstanding accuracy, a large scanning area, an unbelievable level of precision, and unmatched scanning speed. Besides, the device features a smart tracking system and can work without markers hereby greatly improving cost-efficiency and decreasing all the extra expenses. The TrackScan-P42 can reach an unrivaled scanning rate of 1,900,000 measurements/s in its ultra-fast scanning mode and can accurately scan deep holes and dead angles by employing its deep hole scanning mode as well as provide the utmost degree of precision in its Hyperfine Mode. 

Thanks to its ultra-fine resolution of 0.020 mm, the TrackScan-P42 can easily capture details of even the most challenging objects, including hard to reach complex surfaces, deep holes, and dead angles. Moreover, the scanner has been equipped with a portable probe and integrated optimized data algorithms which provide a high level of adaptability, meaning that it can effectively scan objects with transparent, shiny, and black surfaces. Its volumetric accuracy can reach up to 0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m when employed with the MSCAN-L15 add-on and it supports different camera tracking modes to provide precise positioning.

The scanner can be used in a plethora of different applications, such as:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial production
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • 3D modeling
  • Production of injection molds
  • Healthcare and dentistry
  • Cultural heritage preservation
  • Education, science
  • Design
  • AR/VR



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scanning mode specifics
  • Scan volume
  • Scanning tips
  • Scanner controls
  • Software
  • What’s in the Box?
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

The Scantech TrackScan-P42 is a professional handheld 3D scanning device with outstanding accuracy and scan speed. This metrology-grade solution can deliver a maximum accuracy of 25 microns. Moreover, it offers an astounding precision level of 20 microns alongside a depth of field of 320 mm, making this scanner a perfect choice for any kind of industrial or professional application.


Scanning Modes Specifics


Ultra-fast scanning

Hyperfine scanning

Deep hole scanning

Laser details

17 blue laser crosses 

7 blue parallel laser lines (eye safe)

1 extra blue laser line (eye safe)

Scan speed

Up to 1,900,000 measurements/s

Resolution (point distance)

0.020 mm

Volumetric accuracy

0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m


Scan volume

The TrackScan-P42 offers a large single-scan range of 310 x 350 mm, which makes it perfect for industrial applications. Thanks to the scanner’s precision, not even the smallest detail will be left behind. 


Scanning Tips

Overall tips:

  • Use the CMM K-Probe to easily scan dark, shiny, and transparent objects
  • Scan with a dark background
  • Use correct scanner settings
  • Fine-tune your scanner
  • Create a controlled environment
  • Avoid scanning moving objects


Scanner controls

To begin using the scanner, just connect it to your computer using the dedicated USB aviation cable that comes with the device and complete a simple one-click-setup. 



The TrackScan-P42 comes with a proprietary ScanViewer software solution. It is a free professional software suite for 3D scanning and data processing that offers a variety of advanced options for data editing. It lets you create a variety of different features, request advanced feature analysis, provide distance measurement, pipe inspection as well as perform accurate and thorough dimensional and tolerance analysis according to the scanned data, and much more. 


What’s in the Box?

  • TrackScan-P42 3D scanner
  • USB drive
  • Power cord
  • Charger
  • Markers
  • Waterproof case
  • ScanViewer software suite

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Look and feel

The Scantech TrackScan-P42 is available in a classic black and white color. Its neatly-looking appearance makes it ideal for professional and industrial applications.



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