Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H 3D scanner

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High-end dental 3D scanner with modular structure
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • High scanning speed
  • Smart software tools
  • Versatile scan modes
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This 3D scanner comes with:
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  • All the necessary cables
  • Set of various fixtures
  • Quick start guide
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The Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H is a professional desktop 3D scanner designed for dental industry needs. It boasts automated operation, outstanding accuracy, convenient design, and easy-to-use software with rich functionality. Due to the various intelligent functions, the device offers highly detailed scans in a most handy and rapid way, which fits both new and experienced users.

The device employs blue light technology and dual 5 MP camera to reconstruct an object as a 3D model that can be further exported to appropriate CAD software in a popular format. In contrast to other desktop 3D scanners, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H model allows rotating an object at many different angles to obtain all necessary data. The advanced algorithms, reliable components, user-friendly interface, and thoughtful scanning modes increase not only data acquisition speed but also total process efficiency.

The integrated scanning software has an intuitive interface and manifold automated tools to ensure fast and quality data acquisition. For user comfort and time-saving operation, the program provides automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and smart add-scan functionality as well as a number of handy features for several scan modes.

Considering all the highlighted characteristics, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H makes an ideal tool for professional use. It supports multiple dental scan applications, including implant abutments, articulators, veneers, plaster models, impressions, and more.

Read on to find out more about the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H 3D scanner from Shining 3D and its main properties.



  • Scan accuracy
  • Scanner controls
  • Software
  • What’s in the box
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Scan accuracy

The Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H is a professional desktop 3D scanner with an outstanding accuracy of 8 µm that assures reliable scanning results, satisfying the requirements of various dental applications. Equipped with two 5.0 MP high-resolution cameras, the scanner can capture the finest details of the designated model. 

The structured light technology allows for precise and fast 3D scanning. Thus, it will take only 6.5 s to do a bite scan, 14 s for an upper / lower jaw scan, 21.5 s for 1—4 dies scans, and 31 s for an impression scan.

In addition, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H is capable of accurately capturing any type of texture, from colored surfaces to dark and transparent ones, which can be useful for some dental projects.


Scanner controls

The AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H operates through a plugged computer. It adopts a 3.0 USB port, which ensures stable and rapid data transmission.

The device is fully automated and allows multi-angle scanning in a single click due to its state-of-the-art modular construction. 



For the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H, Shining 3D provides the dedicated software that is specially designed for dental application. The program is quite powerful in terms of automation (for example, it can easily seal the screw channel while processing scans) and offers a user-friendly interface as well as a short learning curve. Thanks to a number of handy tools, it generally optimizes and significantly simplifies the scanning workflow. For example, scan and backstage data processing can be carried out simultaneously, making the whole process more efficient.

The device supports versatile scan modes, including Multi Path Scan, High Quality Scan, AI Scan, Texture Scan, HDR Mode Scan, Reduce High Brightness Scan, etc. It exports files in the standard STL, PLY, and OBJ formats, flexibly integrated in most CAD/CAM solutions.

For a more flexible workflow, it is possible to customize the scanning process with the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H, increasing work efficiency like never before. The all-in-one and triple tray are available to get complete scan data with less steps.


What’s in the box

  • AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H main unit
  • Data cable
  • Power adapter
  • Blu-Tack x2
  • Articulator height adapter
  • Articulator plate
  • Accessory box
    • Calibration board
    • White balance board
    • USB flash disk
    • Impression fixture
    • Articulator transfer plate x2
    • Interface plate x2
    • All-in-one fixture
    • Multi-die fixture
    • Height adapter
    • Model fixture
    • Hexagon wrench
  • Quick start guide

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Look and feel

The Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H is available in matte black with gray trimmings. Its stylish look and ergonomic construction make it ideal for dental application.

The scanner dimensions are 16.5 x 10.2 x 10.6 in (420 x 260 x 270 mm). It weighs only 11 lbs (5 kg) compared to competitor models and features an open modular design, which will decorate any clinic or dental lab.



The price of the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro H 3D scanner is $6,999.00, which is reasonable considering its versatility and high performance.

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