Shining 3D FabCure 2 Post-curing Unit

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Potent machine for smart, simple and efficient post-processing
  • High-power multi-surface light curing
  • Rapid chamber heating
  • Capacious curing volume
  • Customized material profiles
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The FabCure 2 from Shining 3D is a professional post-curing device recommended for dental 3D printers by Shining 3D. It comes with multiple fine-tuned curing profiles ensuring the machine’s reliable performance in terms of exact heat and light distribution. Due to high precision and optimal material treatment, the FabCure 2 provides high-quality results with full automation of the process.

Being the improved version of the original FabCure Light Curing Box, the new model boasts advanced technology, increased curing volume, improved control method, and adjustable UV wavelength. At the same time, the FabCure 2 retains the ease of use and compact dimensions introduced by its predecessor.

Among other smart solutions, the machine offers thoughtful safety features, such as the double-layered door to hold heat and UV light within the chamber. Furthermore, the inside of the FabCure 2 is designed with engineering plastics that possess low thermal conductivity. Thus, the user can safely operate the device without the risk of getting burned. 

A general view on the Shining 3D FabCure 2 Post-curing unit.

The FabCure 2 is tailored to professional dental applications as the final stage of production. With post-curing, not only does the printed model obtain a refined and smooth outlook but, more importantly, it becomes really durable and resistant.



  • Curing performance
  • Curing volume
  • Controls
  • Look and feel
  • Price


Curing performance

The FabCure 2 post-curing unit boasts effective multi-surface light curing technology that involves 30 multi-directional 70W LEDs, which emit powerful UV light with an intensity of 40mW/cm². Due to their high penetration ability, the printed object can be cured in just a few minutes.

A close-ip on the FabCure 2 multi-surface light curing technology involving multi-directional 70W LEDs.

The machine’s heating capabilities are also worth attention. With multiple temperature sensors integrated into the ceramic heating module, the curing chamber can be quickly heated up to 60 °С, contributing to the enhancement of mechanical and flexural properties of the printed model.

The Shining 3D FabCure 2 with dental print samples.

The FabCure 2 offers optimized curing profiles for all Shining 3D resins. They can be further updated over Wi-Fi. Apart from this, the device supports customized curing parameter settings.

The FabCure 2 unit with the Shining 3D dental resins.


Curing volume

The curing volume of the Shining 3D FabCure 2 post-curing machine.

The Shining 3D FabCure 2 offers a large curing volume of Ø210 x H180 mm (Ø8.3 x H7 inches) that supports a wide range of modern dental applications.



The FabCure 2 features a convenient control knob integrated into an OLED screen with a clear menu structure and user-friendly interface. It provides a streamlined interactive experience with the device and makes for smooth operation.

The device's control knob integrated into an OLED screen shows a clear menu structure and user-friendly interface.

The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that enables regular online updates to get the latest firmware and configurations. The cloud-based material library ensures constant synchronization with the Shining 3D’s process engineering experts to provide the user with up-to-date parameters fit for the most effective curing experience.

Various connectivity options featured by the Shining 3D FabCure 2.


Look and feel

A frontal view on the Shining 3D FabCure 2 post-curing unit.

The FabCure 2 features a gray body and swing-open black door with dark transparent window. Its solid look makes it ideal for a number of professional applications.

The dimensions of the device are 11.4 x 11.4 x 14.5 in (290 x 290 x 367.5 mm). It weighs approximately 23 lbs (10.5 kg).



The price for the FabCure 2 post-curing unit is $1,050.00, which is reasonable considering its curing volume, functionality, and efficiency.

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