Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

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Large-format FDM 3D printer with dual extrusion
  • Large build volume
  • Proprietary dual extruder
  • Dual air filtration system
  • Heated build chamber and filament compartment
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Dual extruder
  • Single HT extruder
  • Set of nozzles
  • Spool of filament
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The Tiertime UP350D is a dual-extrusion version of the high-temp model. This industrial large-scale FDM 3D printer features one of the most demanded build volume sizes in the market. Like other Tiertime UP series printers, the UP350D combines excellent build quality and high performance of a truly industrial machine.

Equipped with the in-house developed dual extruder with a single nozzle setup, the UP350D is capable of multi-material printing of complex models. It is also perfect for printing parts that require a lot of support structures, which can be easily dissolved in water after printing without damaging the part surface.

a dual extruder on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

For single-material printing, the dual extruder can be replaced with a high-temp one, allowing the UP350D to handle most consumer and engineering filaments.

a dual extruder on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

The printer features a fully enclosed build chamber equipped with Smart Temperature Control function, which monitors the temperature in the build chamber and filament compartment and adjusts the print bed heating for optimal printing conditions. The new print bed calibration mechanism is fully automatic and ensures flawless bed leveling and optimal Z-offset adjustment for strong first layer adhesion. For easy part removal, the printer is equipped with a detachable magnetic flexible build plate.

a build plate on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

Other smart features include filament runout sensor and clogging detection, print recovery function, and dual air filtration with HEPA and activated carbon filters.


Print quality

The Tiertime UP350D is capable of creating accurate parts with smooth finish and high level of detail. The single extruder maximum temperature of 350 °C, heated print bed and build chamber make for reliable printing with a wide range of filaments, including high-temp ones, with great repeatability and high quality of the result. Dual extrusion allows printing with a maximum temperature of 300 °C.

a print quality on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

Credit: idea-diy.com



The Tiertime UP350D is compatible with a wide range of proprietary (UP Fila line) and third-party thermoplastics including ABS, PLA, nylon, TPU, PC, carbon and glass fiber composites, and others. In dual-extrusion mode, the printer can build PVA and other soluble support structures.

a materials on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer


Build volume

A build volume of 350 x 350 x 350 mm provides enough space for printing large parts or batches of smaller models. Along with that, the machine’s compact footprint for such a sizable build volume allows for its seamless integration into any production environment. When printing with the dual extruder, the build area becomes slightly smaller — 335 x 335 x 350 mm.

a build volume on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

Credit: a4.fr


Printer controls and software

The 7" color LCD touchscreen of the UP350D features a well-organized UI, which allows adjusting all the basic print settings and parameters. W-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connections are available, as well as the Tiertime Print Queue feature, allowing any user sharing the same network with the printer to send printing tasks.

a printer controls on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

The Tiertime UP350D is compatible with the dedicated UP Studio software, an intuitive and versatile slicer featuring a lot of advanced functions, including dual-material printing support, and optimized to work with the Tiertime 3D printers.

a UP Studio software on the Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer


What’s in the box

Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer kit

Credit: a4.fr

  • Tiertime UP350D 3D printer
  • Toolbox
  • Set of nozzles
  • Spool of filament
  • All the necessary cables
  • User manual

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Look and feel

The Tiertime UP350D 3D printer is available in a black color scheme. Its industrial look makes it ideal for any workshop, studio, or production floor.

Tiertime UP350D 3D Printer

The machine dimensions are 23.1 x 24.6 x 28.9 in (586 x 625 x 733 mm). It weighs approximately 132.3 lb (60 kg).



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