Tiertime UP600 3D Printer

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Large-format addition to the UP series
  • High precision
  • Adaptive layer height
  • Industrial build volume
  • Easy to operate
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This 3D printer comes with:
  • Essential parts required to operate the printer
  • All the necessary tools
  • Calibration card
  • User manual
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The Tiertime UP600 is an industrial MEM (Melting Extrusion Modeling) 3D printer. As the tenth iteration, the machine introduces a number of new features to the series. Unlike its predecessor the UP300, the printer boasts a massive build volume of 19.7 x 15.8 x 23.6 inches (500 x 400 x 600 mm), which enables it to handle larger print projects without compromising on high speed (up to 200 mm/s) and quality the company is famous for.

The printer is equipped with a fully enclosed chamber with the heating function. Thus, the UP600 allows minimizing deformation caused by rapid changes in temperature in the case of high-temp filaments. Besides, it absorbs naturally-occurring airborne moisture in the process.


Among other smart features, the machine offers a flexible printing plate, smooth kinematics, regulated layer thickness from 100 to 400 microns, several nozzle options, semi-auto bed leveling, open-material system, dual filtration (HEPA + activated carbon filters), and pause when the front door is opened. Thanks to these attributes, the UP600 can be considered a powerful and reliable solution for large yet accurate print jobs.

The model below shows the potential scale of a single printout as well as its smooth surface and fine details.

a white model printed on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

Credit: @Shiratch / Twitter 

Due to the aforementioned properties and smart features, the UP600 will make a great tool for professional use in various spheres, including engineering, prototyping, short-run production, education, and more.


Print quality

The Tiertime UP600 can print layers at the user-defined layer height, which ranges from 100 to 400 microns. With it, you can produce parts with smooth exterior surfaces.


The UP600 model is also capable of adaptive layer thickness. The device can increase print speed by printing smaller layers only where they are required to produce fine detail. This feature is available on a per model or per section basis.

a print quality on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer



The Tiertime UP600 uses 1.75 mm filament, providing you with a wide choice of dedicated and third-party consumables.

a red filament use on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

Thanks to the enclosed construction and heated build chamber (max. 54 °C), the machine can reliably print with ABS, ABS+, PLA, TPU, and other filaments. The print bed heats up to 80 °C.

a white model printed on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The resilient magnetic composite plate ensures easy removal and installation between print sessions.


Build volume

a build volume on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The build area of 19.7 x 15.8 x 23.6 inches (500 x 400 x 600 mm) is more than twice as large as that of the UP300 and lets you print a variety of big objects in one piece, which reduces assembly needs.


Printer controls

The Tiertime UP600 features a 7" full-color TFT-LCD touchscreen with a clear user-friendly interface.

a touchscreen on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The machine supports USB and other networking communications, such as LAN and Wi-Fi. It can also be operated independently via a USB pen drive. Additionally, multiple users sharing a network can send model data to the printer, which can be monitored and managed through the Tiertime Print Queue.

a switch on/off on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The UP600 uses a dedicated software package and advanced slicing engine. The UP Studio 3.0 offers a comprehensive solution for dual and single material printing. It supports different settings for each model and allows complete control over the process.

a UP Studio 3.0 software on the Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The program works with UP3, UPS, TSK, STL, OBJ, 3MF, PLY, OFF, 3DS, and G-code file formats. The UP Studio runs on Windows, macOS, and  iOS.


What’s in the box

Tiertime UP600 3D printer

  • Tiertime UP600 3D printer
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Calibration card
  • UP600 auto calibration probe
  • Scraper
  • Gloves
  • Micro SD card
  • Micro SD card reader
  • Toolbox
  • Power supply 300W
  • User manual
  • Packing list

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Look and feel

Tiertime UP600 3D printer

The Tiertime UP600 is available in a black color scheme with light blue trimmings. Its stylish look will decorate any workshop or maker lab. 

The printer dimensions are 30.7 x 45.3 x 33.5 in (780 x 1150 x 850 mm). It weighs 264.55 lb (120 kg). The spool holders are internally mounted on the side of the printer.



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