Unitree Robotics B2

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Super-fast quadruped robot with enhanced balance
  • Smart running, climbing, and jumping
  • Impressive payload capabilities
  • Strong and reliable construction
  • Long battery life
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This robot comes with:
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • User manual
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The B2 is a durable industrial-grade quadruped robot designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company. Aimed at smart automation of challenging tasks with hard environmental conditions, the device represents a reliable solution with impressive stability on various types of terrain, high running speed, great payload capacity, 24/7 non-stop operation, and IP68 certification that allows it to be used in any weather and even under water.

Being an upgraded version of the original , the B2 model boasts improved movement capabilities, increased speed and carrying capacity,  upgraded torque motors, more powerful battery, and simplified programming. Just like its predecessor, the B2 amazes with its adaptivity and working efficiency.

The Unitree B2 quadruped robot combines a durable yet flexible design, intelligent obstacle recognition system, smart power management, and simple controls, which makes it great for a number of professional-grade applications, including industrial automation, inspection, emergency rescue, security patrolling, R&D projects, education, and more.



The Unitree B2 is equipped with a combination of two HD optical cameras, two depth sensing cameras, and an automotive-grade LiDAR recognition system that provides it with improved real-time navigation capabilities. Thus, the robot can trace the optimal route even in complicated environments and autonomously make its way across rugged, uneven terrain efficiently avoiding obstacles. Engineered with such advanced features as infrared scanning, 3D mapping, and optimized environmental perception, the B2 model can become a comprehensive inspection solution for multiple fields.

The Unitree B2 can reach a running speed of 6 m/s, which makes it the fastest known industrial-grade quadruped robot on the market. Its 12 degrees of freedom and 4 legs with flexible joints ensure excellent stability on any terrain, including slippery and uneven surfaces. The knee joint motors have a torque of about 360 Nm, which allows the B2 to perform complex movements, such as jumps and backflips, as well as carry heavy loads in the walking mode and while standing. The body of the robot is highly resistant to water, dust, or impacts.

With 170% increase in joint performance compared to the previous model, the bot can also jump a horizontal distance of 1.6 m and step over obstacles up to 40 cm in height. This improvement provides the B2 robot with greater flexibility and reliability for industrial operations.

Another notable feature of the B2 is its remarkable ability to effortlessly climb stairs in all directions, with or without a substantial load. Even with interruptions and external impact, the robot remains extremely stable and balanced when climbing stairs of 20–25 cm. With such a superior obstacle-crossing ability, it can easily overcome the mess of wood piles, medium platforms, and other environmental challenges.

Equipped with a swappable lithium battery with capacity of 45Ah, the B2 can stay active for longer periods than the B1 (4–6 hours and 2.5 hours respectively) and complete numerous tasks. Specifically, the B2 can be continuously walking without load for around 5 hours and travel distances of up to 20 km. With a 20 kg load, it can last for 4 hours and cover a distance of up to 15 km. 

The robot comes with a simple battery release mechanism and supports quick battery change. In addition, it can autonomously use a brand self-charging station.


Operation and controls

The Unitree B2 is operated via the supplied remote controller. It is equipped with power interfaces for 5V, 12V, and 24V. Moreover, the robot features Ethernet and USB connectivity options. It also supports research programming interface and provides opportunities for secondary development.



The Unitree B2 quadruped robot boasts impressive endurance and durability as well as the capability to work autonomously, which makes it an indispensable tool for any activity implying harsh operating conditions, especially when it comes to industrial needs. Due to its easy-to-master controls and broad compatibility, the robot can adapt for more applications, including business, research, education, etc.

With the advanced climbing ability and increased load capacity, the robot can be of great help for emergency services and rescue operations. Working on all types of terrain like long stairs, rock piles, steep slopes, and more, it is capable of cargo transportation to hard-to-reach locations.

The Unitree B2 can be customized to meet the demands of different spheres and become an efficient all-round assistant. The machine can be equipped with additional tools, such as a GPS module, searchlight, or robotic arm, to perform various functions, from a service robot delivering lightweight stuff within the facility, to on-site autonomous security patrol and inspection in hazardous environments, such as gas leak or smoke.


What’s in the box

  • B2 quadruped robot
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Battery charger and power adaptor
  • User guide

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Look and feel

The Unitree B2 robot is available in a combination of white and gray colors. Its stylish and durable construction makes it ideal for multiple industrial tasks and demanding operations both open-air and indoors. Featuring innovative structural design, the B2 model supports easy switching between legged and optional wheeled forms.

Including the battery, the robot weighs 132.3 lbs (60 kg). Its dimensions are 43.2 x 17.7 x 25.4 in (1098 x 450 x 645 mm).



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