Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

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Strong parallel gripper for tight spaces
  • Intelligent side-follow mode
  • Advanced sensory system
  • Reliable power system with adaptive joints
  • Speed up to 17 km/h
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This robot comes with:
  • Battery
  • Remote controller
  • Battery charger and power adaptor
  • User manual

When getting the Go1 EDU you will get the free update from Jestson Nano to Jetson NX, and 1 extra battery (standard version) or 1 RM L1 LIDAR 

The Unitree Robotics Go1 is a bionic quadruped robot that behaves like a real dog — it accompanies you while you are jogging or walking in the park, helps you carry your stuff, and can even bring your morning paper. The Go1 Edu model designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company amazes with its dog-like behavior, programming development opportunities, and the affordable price, much lower than those of most competitors. Targeted mainly at the educational and R&D fields, the Go1 Edu can at the same time be regarded as one of the most budgt-friendly four-legged bionic robots for home use.



The advanced built-in AI is powered by a 16-core processor combined with a 384-core, 1.5 TFlops GPU. The Go1 Edu is equipped with Super Sensory System including 5 sets of stereo depth fish-eye lens cameras with a viewing angle of 150 x 170°, 3 sets of ultrasound sensors, and foot force sensors measuring the impact when contacting the ground. This system greatly adds to the robot's navigation capabilities and helps it trace the optimal route even in complicated environments, efficiently avoiding obstacles.

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

What sets the Go1 apart from other quadruped bionic robots is its unique side-follow system based on the patented wireless vector positioning and control technology. Now you do not need to worry about your robopet as it always walks by your side, as opposed to the traditional following mode.

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

The improved power management system allows the robot to reach an incredible speed of up to 17 km/h. The motors have a torque of 23.70 Nm at the body and thighs and 35.55 Nm at the knees which enables the Go1 to perform various tricks, such as jumping or backflipping, safely. The four legs and 12 degrees of freedom ensure the robot’s stability on different terrain types and allow it to walk up and down the stairs with ease. Moreover, you can make the Go1 sit, lie, dance, bow, squat, sideflip, and perform other actions you would expect from a normal dog.

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu


Operation and controls

The Unitree Robotics Go1 comes in three modifications, namely Go1 Air, Go1 Pro, and Go1 Edu. While sharing the same appearance and mechanical construction, the models differ in hardware and programming capabilities. In the table below you can see the differences between the three versions of the Go1.


Go1 Air

Go1 Pro

Go1 Edu

Super sensory system

1 set

5 sets

5 sets


1 * (4 * 1.43 GHz 128-core 0.5T)

3 * (4 * 1.43 GHz 128-core 0.5T)

2 Nano + 1 Nano / 1 NX


24 V, 4 A

24 V, 6 A

24 V, 6 A


~ 3 kg

~ 3 kg

~ 5 kg (max ~ 10 kg)


0 ~ 2.5 m/s

0 ~ 3.5 m/s

0 ~ 3.7 m/s (max ~ 5 m/s)

Graphic processing API




Research programming API


Human recognition



APP top view



4G or 5G


Foot force sensor


Multifunctional extension interface



optional 2D or 3D

The most advanced of the three, the Go1 Edu version, has better processing power and is equipped with a lidar allowing for the use of the SLAM technology. As for the development opportunities of the Unitree Go1 Edu, it is an open source system and the Unitree Robotics company offers several development packages, such as the ros_to_real SDK that comes with C++ and Python support.

The Unitree Go1 is operated with the remote controller. The basic functions can be performed with the help of the label controller which can be easily placed in your pocket due to the compact size. There is also an opportunity to remotely control the Go1 even when it is out of sight via the mobile app installed on your phone.

a operation and controls on the Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu



The Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu quadruped robot is an incredible bionic pet that makes your company wherever you go. It will definitely be of great interest both for children and adults.

a applications on the Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

a Go1 can find a use in any business as a brand ambassador as it always gathers crowds of people at any exhibition on the Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

The Go1 can find a use in any business as a brand ambassador as it always gathers crowds of people at any exhibition.

The Go1 Edu version is a powerful educational tool for students learning engineering and robotics as it offers wide development opportunities for different applications

Credit: outlookindia.com

The Go1 Edu version is a powerful educational tool for students learning engineering and robotics as it offers wide development opportunities for different applications.

Speaking of industrial applications, the Go1 can be customized for the use in different fields, from a service robot delivering lightweight stuff within the office, to on-site inspection in hazardous environments, such as gas leak or smoke. Being equipped with various additional tools, such as a GPS module, a searchlight, or a robotic arm, the Go1 can be used in petrochemical, transportation, and other industries as well as for emergency services.

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu


What’s in the box

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu kit

  • Go1 Edu quadruped robot
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Battery charger and power adaptor
  • Label controller
  • Rubber foot pads
  • User guide

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Look and feel

Unitree Robotics Go1 Edu

The Go1 Edu robot is available in a combination of dark and light gray or total black color scheme. Its futuristic yet attractive design makes it an ideal companion. The robot weighs 12 kg and its dimensions are 645 x 280 x 400 mm.



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