Unitree Robotics H1 Humanoid Robot

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Full-size universal humanoid robot
  • Enhanced recognition system
  • Smooth and stable movement
  • Potential athletic performance
  • Ample battery capacity
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The H1 is the first full-size humanoid robot designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company. Aimed at smart automation of complex tasks, the machine represents a reliable solution with advanced spatial orientation, improved motion algorithms, high stability on various types of terrain, remarkable speed, efficient power management, and simplified programming.

The H1 combines a durable and flexible design with efficient degrees of freedom, intelligent obstacle recognition system, smart construction with hollow electrical routing meaning there are no external cables, and easy-to-master controls. All these characteristics make the robot great for a number of personal and special applications, including recreation, training, business promotions, education and research, industrial use, and more.



The Unitree H1 humanoid robot is equipped with an effective combination of the Intel RealSense depth camera D435i and Livox MID-360 3D LiDAR with a viewing angle of 360 x 59°, high point cloud density, and a minimum detection distance of 0.1 m. This allows the robot to accurately perceive its surroundings in all directions and greatly adds to its real-time navigation capabilities. Due to panoramic scanning and rapid acquisition of high-precision spatial data, the H1 can trace the most optimal route even in complicated environments, efficiently avoiding obstacles.

For example, check out how the version 2 copes with different environmental challenges:

Another notable feature is the brand new Unitree M107 joint motor with an improved torque of 360 Nm and enhanced mobility. In contrast to its analogs, the device boasts outstanding performance in terms of agility, speed, load capacity, endurance, and other crucial parameters for the robot core motion module.

Here is a comparison table between the Unitree M107 and competitive joint motors:

Product M107 T-1 T-2
Maximum torque OR pulling force
(3.5 cm arm equivalent)
360 Nm / 10000N 180 Nm / 8000N
Weight 1.9 kg 2.26 kg 2.2 kg
Torque or Tension / Weight ratio 189 / 5263 79 / 3636
Hollow shaft Yes Yes
Dual encoder Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 107 x 74 mm 100 x 130 mm 60 x 180 mm

Thanks to its advanced components and realistic degrees of freedom, the H1 humanoid robot features high balance and stability on different terrain types. Possessing a measured gait and highly flexible movement capabilities, it is able to walk and run autonomously in complex environments. Moreover, the machine can safely perform a variety of custom moves, such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, sitting down, and dancing.

In addition, the advanced powertrain provides a high level of speed, maneuverability, and flexibility for the H1. The improved movement and power management systems allow the robot to reach a remarkable speed of up to 5 m/s, with a regular travel speed of 1.5 m/s.


Operation and controls

The Unitree H1 humanoid robot can be easily operated via the supplied remote controller. It features several connectivity options, supports research programming interface, and provides opportunities for secondary development.



The Unitree H1 humanoid robot is a great asset for a number of uses due to its effective spatial recognition, impressive endurance, durability, and capability to work autonomously. Thanks to H1’s simple controls and broad compatibility, the robot can adapt for multiple applications, including industry, business, research, education, recreation, and more.

With flexible fingers currently being in development, the H1 will be able to join you in even a wider range of activities.


Look and feel

The Unitree H1 humanoid robot is available in black. Its futuristic yet attractive appearance makes it an ideal companion for a variety of automated operations and tasks.

The robot weighs approximately 104 lbs (47 kg). Its total dimensions are 71 x 22.4 x 8.7 in (1805 x 570 x 220 mm).



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