Youibot P200 Autonomous Mobile Robot

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Industrial-grade AMR for optimized internal transportation
  • Decent payload capacity
  • Up to 15 hours of runtime
  • Smooth integration with cobots
  • Advanced fleet collaboration
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This robot comes with:
  • All the necessary parts
  • Auto charger station (optional)
  • Robot battery
  • CE certificate
Price $35,599.00
Lead Time is 1-2 months

The Youibot P200 is an autonomous mobile robot designed to handle complicated material handling tasks in the manufacturing facilities. As a part of the company’s platform series, it is engineered with a laser/QR code navigation system making for efficient optimization and automation of internal transportation within industrial logistics.

The model is compatible with over 10 kinds of top modules and collaborative robots to easily deal with any transport challenges in warehouses, workshops, or manufacturing sites. With the integrated general-purpose I/O interfaces and maximum payload of up to 200 kg, the P200 is a versatile solution capable of fulfilling a wide scope of routine, complex, and tedious tasks in various environments, including transfer, delivery, palletizing, and order processing at assembly stations, clean rooms, loading docks, stock rooms, etc.

The AMR comes with enhanced security protection to meet the requirements of modern industrial settings. Due to smart navigation algorithms and high positioning accuracy, the P200 ensures long-term consistent operation alongside other robots and human personnel. To achieve even more spectacular results, you can form a fleet consisting of several machines with different tasks, which are able to cooperate in an increasingly safe and harmonious way.

A general view on the Youibot P200 AMR.

The reasonable implementation of the Youibot P200 AMR allows warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities that apply manual procedures to improve the intralogistics management process, optimize material flow, reduce downtime and workforce scarcity as well as remove health and safety risks for their employees.

The P200 mobile robot is available with the auto charger station that is sold separately. Also, you can purchase YOUIFleet multi-machine scheduling collaboration system described below. For more information check out the “Add-ons and extras” section.



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Key features

Due to on-board lasers and safety scanners, including 360° coverage with LiDAR technology, the Youibot P200 provides effective autonomous routing through precise environment mapping. At the same time, it does not require any facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, which makes for cost-effective digitalization.

To ensure the multi-level security protection as well as reliable 24/7 operation, the robot is engineered with a collision detection module, two emergency stop buttons on both sides, voice alarm, and safety bumpers all around the machine.

Another notable feature of the P200 AMR is its Battery Management System (BMS) that supports automatic charging and quick battery replacement. When deployed in a fleet, the BMS can schedule a charging timeline for each robot to ensure zero downtime in the production cycle. Furthermore, the Youibot P200 comes with built-in power supply for the top module to support a remarkable standalone run-time of up to 15 hours. The machine also provides fast battery charging: it takes only 2 hours to fully recharge the device.

Thanks to the hybrid positioning and navigation technology, the P200 mobile robot is capable of repetitive indoor positioning accuracy of up to ±10 mm with ±1° angle accuracy. This allows it to effectively align for smooth docking with various equipment.

For better efficiency, the P200 AMR is equipped with several connectivity options for top module integration, including GPIO, Ethernet, WLAN, power and auxiliary safety interfaces for cobots, providing extensive opportunities for solution customisation.

Thus, the P200 AMR not only offers quality service, but also ensures safe working conditions both for human staff and other machines.



With its impressive characteristics and flexibility, the Youibot P200 AMR can be used in a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

Due to the high payload capacity, smart navigation, and advanced integration capabilities, the P200 can safely handle any material loading, unloading and transport tasks in warehouses, cleanrooms, and production lines.

For example, this video demonstrates the benefits of deploying AMRs in semiconductor industry:

Check out different module options for the P200 mobile robot offering access to various functions:


Robot controls

The P200 mobile robot can be easily manipulated from the call-box, computer, tablet, or mobile device through the company’s self-developed YOUITMS robotic logistics system. It is specially designed to solve practical tasks and effectively manage all aspects of enterprise-level multi-workshop logistics. The program also allows for smart robot connection, configuration, real-time monitoring, and controls. With YOUITMS and integrated safety features, it is easy to deploy the robot and ensure its efficient collaboration with other machines.

To facilitate the fleet managing procedures, the company provides the proprietary YOUIFleet scheduling application. It represents an intelligent multi-machine management system that delivers a coordinated fleet collaboration of up to 150 AMRs in the same scenario. The YOUIFleet offers a complete set of commands to distribute tasks across multiple robots with separate configurations, optimize path planning, manage traffic control and system parameters, supervise the status of each machine, collect analytical data, and more.

The following video shows how different types of AMRs function as a single system thanks to the YOUIFleet app:


Look and feel

The Youibot P200 AMR is available in white with black trimmings. Its stylish look makes it ideal for advanced industry applications and will decorate any factory, workshop, or lab.

The device offers robust design and reliable construction. The robot dimensions are 1085 x 699 x 305 mm (42.7 x 27.5 x 12 in). It weighs approximately 180 kg (397 lb).



The price for the Youibot P200 AMR is $35,599.00, which is reasonable considering its functionality and high performance.

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