Uniz zDENTAL Model Sand 500ml

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High-accuracy UV resin for dentistry
  • Fast printing speed
  • Low shrinkage
  • Thermal stability
  • Stiff and stable
  • Affordable price
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Material Specs
  • Viscosity: 230 mPa·s
  • Bottle weight: 500 ml
  • Color name: Sand
  • Color attribute: Solid
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The Uniz zDENTAL Model is a 3D printing material compatible with resin-based printers. The material is characterized by reliability and thermal stability, as well as a high degree of building accuracy — higher than that in ABS resins. The product features an ideal balance of stiffness and viscosity, which is testified by high praise from consumers who have used it to build durable, high-precision dental models.

This resin prints in a sand color, making for a pleasing appearance and smooth surface finish of the objects printed. It is designed for 405 nm 3D printers and shows outstanding print speed when working with them. The material emits little to none odor.

The zDENTAL Model is ideal for the production of orthodontic items, dentures, dental jaw models, and other items related.

A yellow dental model



  • UV wavelength: 405 nm
  • Layer height: 25, 50, 100 µm
  • Washing time: 10 min
  • Curing time: 10 min
  • Curing temperature: 25 ℃
  • Viscosity at 25 ℃: 230 mpa
  • Shore D hardness: 91
  • Tensile strength: 24.68 MPa (without curing), 32.97 MPa (with curing)
  • Elongation at break: 32.72% (without curing), 15.48% (with curing)
  • Modulus: 166.99 MPa (without curing), 287.88 MPa (with curing)
  • Flexural strength: 22.95 MPa (without curing), 52.6 MPa (with curing)
  • Flexural modulus: 836.12 MPa (without curing), 1760.79 MPa (with curing)
  • Notched Izod impact strength (machined): 7.39 J/m (without curing), 4.38 J/m (with curing)

Color specs

  • Available colors: Sand
  • Color attribute: Solid 


The zDENTAL Model Sand resin is sold in 500 ml bottles for safe and convenient transportation.

zDENTAL Model Sand 500ml

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