Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600

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Industrial SLA 3D printer with a large build volume
  • Automated printing process
  • Easily replaceable resin tank
  • Reliable continuous printing
  • Wide application range
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The SuperMaker SLA600 is an industrial SLA 3D printer made by the Chinese-based Zongheng3D company. The company specializes in development of industrial large-format 3D printers based on SLA technology as well as compatible resin materials for different applications. Alongside 3D printers and resins, Zongheng3D offers complete customer service from printer installation and operation tutorials to after-sales technical support.

The SLA600 combines industrial-grade print quality, fast scanning speed, and highly automated printing process allowing for consistent reliable work. The high-quality optical system with a variable laser spot size maintains stable performance even after 100 hours of continuous operation. The build chamber is equipped with a built-in camera allowing for the remote control of the entire printing process. The removable mesh build plate ensures easy part removal without the risk of damaging the model.

Like most industrial SLA machines, the SLA600 features top-down printing and is equipped with a pull-out resin tank that can be easily replaced. While printing, the device can maintain stable chamber temperature and humidity level, providing optimal conditions for flawless results. 

a white model printed on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600

a white different models printed on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600


Print quality

The SuperMaker SLA600 can print layers at a minimum height of 50 microns. The printer is capable of creating highly-detailed complex models with smooth surface finish and great printing accuracy. Alongside a spacious build volume and high printing speed, this allows the SLA600 to be used for a wide range of applications including but not limited to prototyping, healthcare and dental industries, architecture and home decoration, toy production, and more.

a print quality on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600



The SLA600 prints with 355 nm photosensitive resins and is compatible with a variety of general-purpose and special resins produced by the Zongheng3D company, such as transparent, high-temperature, high-toughness, or dental resin.

a materials on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600


Build volume

The number in the name of the printer model refers to the size of the build area. The Zongheng SLA600 features a sizable build volume of 600 x 600 x 400 mm which allows printing fairly large parts or batches of smaller models in one go.

a build volume on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600


Printer controls

The operation of the device is performed via a large 19" LCD screen which can be rotated for more convenient operation.

a printer controls on the Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600

The manufacturer recommends using the Voxeldance Additive slicing software combining a user-friendly interface with a bunch of useful features, such as automatic support generation, part orientation, and others.


Look and feel

The Zongheng3D SLA600 3D printer is available in a black-and-gray color scheme. Its strict and stylish design makes it ideal for a workshop, a lab, or any industrial environment.

Zongheng3D SuperMaker SLA600

The machine dimensions are 39 x 51.2 x 72.8 in (990 x 1300 x 1850 mm). It weighs approximately 1896 lb (860 kg).



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