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Explore the cutting-edge world of metal 3D printing with H3D HBD 3D Printers, brought to you by the China-based HBD company. Renowned for their Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, H3D HBD offers a comprehensive range of 3D printers catering to various industrial needs.

HBD-150 Series: Ideal for medical applications, the HBD-150 series excels in dental and orthopedic fields, printing implants, and surgical instruments. It features a Galvo system SCANLAB, 200W laser power, and a layer thickness range of 10–40 µm. The HBD-150D variant is specifically designed for dentures, crowns, and jaw implants​​.

HBD-200: This model enhances productivity with its dual 200W fiber lasers and dual galvanometer system. It's tailored for producing large parts of small height, owing to its extended build platform and low chamber height, making it cost-efficient​​.

HBD-350: Available in single and dual-laser configurations, the HBD-350 features an effective powder feeding system and is suitable for printing aerospace parts, automotive components, and more. Its closed automatic powder circulation system ensures high safety and control over the printing process​​.

HBD-E500: Equipped with up to three 500W lasers, the HBD-E500 is designed for demanding industrial and aerospace applications. It excels in printing large, high-quality parts based on generative design and topological optimization​​.

HBD-1000: Known for its productivity, the HBD-1000 can be outfitted with up to four 1000W lasers. It boasts a large build chamber and is suitable for almost any manufacturing industry, from aviation to automotive​​.

HBD-1200: With one of the largest build chambers among metal 3D printers, the HBD-1200 is perfect for aerospace, aviation, and heavy engineering, capable of printing large structural metal parts​​.

Materials: H3D HBD's printers support a wide range of materials, including Aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg, Stainless steel 316L, Nickel alloy Ni718, Titanium alloy Ti6AlV4, Cobalt-chromium CoCr alloy, and Maraging steel, each offering unique properties for specialized applications​​.

Overall Quality and Efficiency: H3D HBD's complete metal 3D printing solutions, with various build volumes and intelligent features, meet the rigorous demands of industrial metal 3D printing. Their cost-efficiency and high quality are validated by the extensive adoption of their SLM 3D printers in the industry​​.

Discover H3D HBD 3D Printers for your high-end industrial metal printing needs, where innovation meets precision and efficiency.

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